The Holiday Season and Personal Protection

Please take heed this holiday season.  Be aware, know where your kids are and what you might have to do to be willing to protect those you love.  One ounce of awareness can save you from a lifetime of regret.

Never let your kids from your sight.  Always know who is close around you and if they are wearing bigger than normal coats.  It is the people that will not normally approach children that sometimes take them.  A small child can vanish from a shopping cart in less than five seconds, even faster if separated from a parent.  If you child gets lost, notify store or others immediately for a lock down.  Don’t look for them yourself, time is critical.  This goes for any young person lost or vanishing from you whether female or male.  Better to explain for an hour than regret for a lifetime.

Beware of highly packed crowds or people getting into your personal space.  This is pickpocket season.  A blade can cut a handbag strap in a second.  Hold onto your bag strap.  Better yet, place your hand in your bag when going out to a vehicle.  Men, carry your wallets in your front hip pocket.  Chains on wallets really do nothing but add to the attraction.

Beware of papers on your rear glass, carjacker love this trick for getting you out of the car once inside.  Look in you car before entering it even if you have an alarm.  Don’t disarm your car alarm before reaching your car, it shows others where you are going giving them the edge.  Never leave your keys in your car.  Never get out or stop once traveling if hit or bumped until in a well lit area and police have arrived.

Even at 25 feet, an average person can strike with a knife or blunt weapon faster than you can imagine.  Blades and blunt weapons are silent and more deadly than bullets in most cases.  A one inch blade can bleed you out in three minutes even with first aid and pressure.  A good hit from a simple broom handle can break an arm or a head.

Be aware of loud noises and their direction.  If the crowd starts stampeding find hard cover or run with it.  Pick up small children and help  others up if they fall.  If you can’t run, find a place to hide that is good cover.

Always have a mental plan and make certain everyone knows it.  Locate fire exits in stores and routes of escape.  May sound crazy now, but fire can sweep through a big store in minutes too.

If you must use a firearm and the person is close to you, don’t hold the gun out from you.  You can be disarmed easily.  The old gunfighters had it right when close in firing, shoot from the hip aiming with your body.

Whether you use pistol or revolver, keep the barrel in front of your body a couple of inches.  High powered or short barreled weapons make a heck of a muzzle flash and can catch your clothing on fire.  On a revolver, make certain you keep clear the cylinder gap between the barrel and the chamber away from your body.  A lot of fire comes from that area.

Bullets, knives and blunt objects are not magic weapons.  They do not kill with one shot, cut or hit, generally.  Just because you are wounded don’t give up.  Your assailant won’t stop, I can assure you of this.  Sometimes just fighting back is enough.

Don’t try to be a hero unless you have nothing or possibly everything to lose and have the mentality to possibly pull that trigger, use that knife or other device.  If you haven’t been in a situation ever like this, pray you never have to be.

Take Care and Stay Safe, People