USA Today, Happy Ever After Mentioned My First Book, Am I Real

I have no idea if Joyce Lamb will ever see this blog post of mine.  If she does, I pray she realizes how much of a miracle the addition of my book to her article was for me.  I didn’t even know about being included until Sunday night when others picked up on it.  So, forgive me Joyce Lamb for not thanking you sooner.

Am I Real is the first book I have published.  It is the first book I placed a piece of my soul into.  I didn’t want a book of only sci-fi, erotica romance or a lesson .  I wished to combine the three and create something special.  I can only pray I did this with Am I Real.

I don’t count myself as a great writer.  I count myself as someone with a story to tell and a unique voice in which to write it.  I break rules that I know I shouldn’t in order to make script that flows and is nearly lyrical in form.  I try to write romance without the purple prose of old but with a little of the stylings of the old masters.  I wish to make the readers know and experience the emotions of the characters during their times together and sense the love between them.  Whether I accomplish this or not is up the the reader.

It is a miracle for any first time author to be in the spotlight, let alone the spotlight of a woman such as Joyce Lamb with her qualifications and awards.  Her article left me stunned to even think that my book was posted on Aug. 22, 2013 with the other great authors she reviews and posted about in USA Today’s Happy Ever After section.

Joyce Lamb’s Blog: Joyce Writes

Happy Ever After Section in USA Today

I thank you, Joyce Lamb, for placing my book in with these great others you posted in the article.  It is an honor and a humbling experience when someone does this for a first time author/publisher.