Just Finished a Wonderful Book, Omorphi by C. Kennedy.

Omorphi by C. Kennedy is a book that all should read. It has very strong characters that you bond with in a short amount of reading. The topics written of in this story are things that the reader can relate to without being gay.
The characters will have you turning page after page reading while wondering what is next to happen to them. There is a mystery when you first start that is unraveled slowly before the reader. Each chapter you learn more until the secret is found. The suspense and action in this book make it an edge of your seat read in places that makes this book more than just a usual read.
Nothing in the book is without merit. The manner in which the author portrays each character is touching and heartfelt. The topics brought forward are well thought out and sometimes more realistic than the reader might wish to confront, but you need to confront them for they are present in real life for too many out there.
Overall this is a book about the strength and determination of the main character Christy and his love of Michael. The struggles are offset by the triumphs of Christy with the help of Michael and other characters within the pages.
The topics of abuse are not done in the “shock and awe” method of some authors but deal with the mental aspects of the trauma more than the details of the physical side. The author placed a lot of thought into this story to reveal so much with so few real details of the things that happened to Christy before meeting Michael.
This story is one of rebirth and transformation of Christy and those around him. It teaches so much about labeling, tolerance, understanding and communication that should be paramount in today’s society but is often overshadowed by the bigotry, stereotyping and hate preached by so many toward others.
Anyone would enjoy this story. It is one worth reading for anyone and not just the YA genre.  I highly recommend this book.Get your copy at the links below:

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  1. I absolutely agree, Damian. Cody brought me right into the hearts of Christy and Michael, so much so that I felt their pain and joy, agony and triumphs right along with them. Omorphi is a beautifully told story that I recommend to everyone who asks me for something worth reading. 🙂

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