His New Girl Friend

His New Girlfriend

By Damian Bloodstone (damianbloodstone@gmail.com)

Copyright © 7/3/2012  All Rights Reserved.  This cannot be copied in whole or in part without the author’s sole express permission.

He looked at her again.  She was sleek; the graceful curves of her body were perfect.  The soft, smoothness of her skin and the way the light cast her in shadow, these were her wonders to behold.  Her eyes stared back at him, bright green in the dimness, as his hands gripped her body, his finger lighting on her most sensitive spot.  Pushing it into her was like heaven to his senses.  The experience of her weight in his gentle hands as he lightly touched her to make her go off in her type of orgasm.  Her pushing back against him, arching her body was exciting to his senses.  It was more than sexual; it was spiritual as he heard her cry out for the first time.  The heat from her embracing him with her scent caused his mind to race in erotic pleasure.  Her body quieted in his grasp once more.

A hand placed lightly on his shoulder broke his concentration.  He gently placed her down breaking his link with it.

“Well, is she the one?”

“Oh, yes.  This pistol is perfect for me.  This is definitely my new girlfriend.”