Emotions – Can You Feel It?

Many writers struggle with putting emotions and sensation into their writing. Like those, I struggle with it.  (This is a work safe topic too even in the pieces I show.)

I didn’t know what I was doing wrong until I did a little test of my own. I was writing and posting in the ERWA (Erotica Readers and Writers Association) and learning more each time. They have a thing called Flash Fiction Sunday. It is limited to 200 words, but you have to craft a mini-story with those words. So, I did but didn’t realize people would get so upset with what I wrote that Sunday.

People called me out on the three flashers because they all believed the sensations and emotions came from two people. These were clearly fetish pieces to me. This lead me to realize that I was emoting in my writing more than I had previously thought. I hadn’t know I had broken any rules because to me these were actual pieces of erotica.

Below are the three flashers that caused the crazy uproar for your enjoyment. See if you think they emote?

Her Blue Lover

His New Girlfriend

Kane’s Lover