About Damian Bloodstone

Just a simple man going to survive in this life trying to find love, happiness and joy. The only thing making it worthwhile are good friends, my dog and my writings.

I am going to leave my mark on in this world by giving the people a little relaxing pleasure with my writing.

I enjoy writing my stories the most and have two copyrighted but pulled one from selling since I wanted to add more to it. I love writing and oddly enough writing in almost all genre.

I am also very freedom oriented. I believe in the pro-freedom, pro-gun, pro-hunting and target shooting, pro-animal rights and pro-sexual freedoms (BDSM, LGBT and stuff). If you go through my blog, you might see me post stuff that is of these topics or very adult oriented.

I won’t stand for anyone disrespecting my views as I don’t disrespect anyone else’s views. I will kick you off if you post remarks that are hateful,  show intolerance or total lack of intelligence.

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