Democracy, We Should Be A Republic

People say this nation is a democracy. It is this and worse. A few people hold power over the others. They strike away the rights of the people. Our corporations and banks return to the old methods of wage slavery as was done by the very ones we rebelled against during the War for Independence.

What this nation began as was a Republic where all had rights, which could never be hindered or taken away by the Articles of the Constitution. Banks were regulated by how they treated their depositors and how they treated the people having loans. Corporations didn’t exist which made family businesses thrive and allowed for a real free market economy.

The words in the Pledge of Allegiance are there for a purpose to make us remember we are a Republic and not a democracy of hierarchies where others rule over us. We do not pledge to a president, congress or senate. {“I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”} We pledge to our fellow citizens to support each other not to support a government or ideals of a ruler. This is the very reason the first Ten Amendments are crucial to the country’s survival. They were meant for all people no matter the race, creed or background. All of the rest were added to simply gain control or profit from the people.


In The Spotlight – Slaying Isidore’s Dragons

I am proud to present the talented author C. Kennedy and his newest release Slaying Isidore’s Dragons on my blog today. His first book Omorphi is listed under my reviewed books. I know this book will be another of his hits. He is an author which writes with such compassion and feeling the characters leap from the pages. The methods in which he writes conveys the actions and events as if seeing them through the character’s eyes. His handling of delicate subject matter is outstanding. Now on to the good stuff…

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About Slaying Isidore’s Dragons

 5 Best friends
4 Vicious brothers
3 STD tests
2 Guys in love
1 Car bombing
Nowhere to run

Follow the burgeoning love of two teens during the worst year of their lives. Irish-born Declan David de Quirke II is the son of two ambassadors, one Irish and one American. He is ‘out’ to his parents but to no one else. French-born Jean Isidore de Sauveterre is also the son of two ambassadors, one Catalan and one Parisian. His four half brothers have been told to cure him of his homosexuality. Both teens have lost a parent in a London car bombing.

5 Weeks of hell
4 Attempts on their lives
3 Law enforcement agencies
2 Dead high school seniors
 Jealous friend
A love that won’t be denied

SlayingIsidoresDragons-  Book Tour- ReleaseDate Image

Declan and Isidore meet at the beginning of their senior year at a private academy in the United States. Declan is immediately smitten with Isidore and becomes his knight in shining armor. Isidore wants to keep what is left of his sanity and needs Declan’s love to do it. One is beaten, one is drugged, one is nearly raped, one has been raped. They are harassed by professors and police, and have fights at school, but none of it compares to running for their lives. When the headmaster’s popular son attempts suicide and someone tries to assassinate Declan’s mother, they are thrown headlong into chaos, betrayal, conspiracy, allegations of sexual coercion, even murder. And one of them carries a secret that may get them killed.

5 New family members
4 BFF’s
3 Countries
2 Extraordinary Psychologists
1 Courageous Mother
A new beginning for two young men in love

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About Cody Kennedy

Raised on the mean streets and back lots of Hollywood by a Yoda-look-alike grandfather, Cody doesn’t conform, doesn’t fit in, is epic awkward, and lives to perfect a deep-seated oppositional defiance disorder. In a constant state of fascination with the trivial, Cody contemplates such weighty questions as If time and space are curved, then where do all the straight people come from? When not writing, Cody can be found taming waves on western shores, pondering the nutritional value of sunsets, appreciating the much maligned dandelion, unhooking guide ropes from stanchions, and marveling at all things ordinary.

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James Franco’s Interview

I love this interview of James Franco. It is so straightforward, but I think he is being human and himself.

Straight James Franco Talks to Gay James Franco

 Society put labels on men without warrant for acting with emotion, love, sensitivity and caring toward other men. Society places men in a bracket with some label if they admired or desire things of beauty or luxury or things a woman might. The media shows this to be true by how they use labels and then the masses follow suit.

Why does society do this? To make us conform to a set standard that someone conceived long ago, as what it is to be a man. A standard of psychological ideals making men into less human to be more easily controlled through a structure of rigid thinking. It turned men into people afraid to show emotions, afraid to show affection, and afraid to think for themselves not only about sexuality but also what makes us human.

I, for one, believe it is time we threw these conceptions out and all just acted human.

Writing to be Read

I always knew I wrote low on the reading scale to reach more people. I write for reading ease since what I see is not the true word written on the page due to a unique form of dyslexia. Most of my writing I try to maintain a 3rd to 5th grade reading level. Face it, reading is supposed to be pleasurable and not an act of thinking. The way to place a reader into your works best is to allow his mind to rest as their imagination takes hold. It is one reason Hemingway is still popular today.

This article shows the reasons clearly of why certain writers are still loved today.

Why History’s Best Writers Wrote for Middle Schoolers

Thoughts for Today: The Sex Industry

Did you know that both the healthcare and sex industries work together on projects? Each specialize in talent, technique and technology used by each other. Some of the most realistic artificial limbs and prosthetics are manufactured by the same talent that creates other things for the sex industry under different names.

Robotic tech is advancing not only due to the industrial and healthcare sectors but jumping by leaps in the sex industries as they put together the newest tech to achieve incredible advances for all industries. Some of the newest robotic devices are coming to the healthcare sector directly from the sex industries’ vast array of talent.

Companies are creating interactive A.I. software to create conversational androids. These are or will be able to absorb the users likes and dislikes to project a reflection of that user’s personality. Does that mean that we will soon actual have “ghost” in the shell of dolls, teddy bears and other things?

So when you think of the sex industry as something wrong and unneeded, think again. That lifelike prosthetic hand you might shake with fingers gentle closing around yours, might just be the result of talent, technique and technology developed by that specialized industry devoted to providing services that cross over to so many other industries.

Am I Real – Chapter 1 on Wattpad

I’m always learning and this time I learned how to post on a place called Wattpad.  I posted a promo for my book, Am I Real, that includes the first chapter.

Am I Real on Wattpad

Go there and read the first chapter.

I recently edited Am I Real again.  It is better than before and can be downloaded again if purchased before so that you have the best copy available at either Smashwords or Amazon (using the update ability from Amazon).

A Different Horny Hump Day Post – Shopping with a Woman…


I can never understand why men hate going shopping with women. It is the perfect chance to get to know their tastes and uniqueness. A single day spent shopping will tell you more about a woman than a month of getting to know her, even if grocery shopping.
While shopping with her, watch her. I mean really watch her, not the stand back looking at your phone or eye grazing the other women that men generally do. It is your chance to see the small moves she makes that are sensual. The look in her eyes of being pleased about something or the dislike, the little smile she gives when happy about a purchase and the face she makes when unhappy. You can even tell her moods and if she is more approachable or less.
If anything and you really like or love her, buy or help her buy a fancy outfit and dress her up. Layer her in things that sparkle even is cheap dime store jewelry that matches her outfit on your budget. It is the thought here that counts more than the price, most times. (If she is only concerned with price, you have more to worry about than this type of woman.)
Watch the types of clothes she looks at and then purchases. It will tell a lot about her self-esteem. If getting only baggy and loose things, she is possibly shy or concerned about her body image. Getting tight fitting or nice fitting clothes might show, she has accepted herself and knows she is beautiful. The price might also be something to look at. Does she fret over one expensive outfit or settle for the others in mass that might not look as well on her due to price? Does she go for certain colors or styles? All of this tells you a lot about a woman or man. They also shop for off time and comfort at times. Watch these things too. Notice if she picks warm, soft or silky things, it will tell her comfort type and more. (Remember, men, most often these clothes she shops for are for work or going out, not lounging around the house. Women, most often, wear clothing to impress or accent, whereas we wear them for function.)
Don’t be embarrassed by her shopping for undergarments. This is your chance to make her feel even more beautiful and confident. Suggest things that you like that are just minor steps above or away from what she picks. Shorten the waistline, add more lace and silk to her wardrobe. Try a little daring with a suggestion and watch her eyes for that reaction. If you never see her in fine lingerie, it is the perfect opportunity to take her to a place after saving up for it. When a woman wears something this intimate as lingerie that was purchased by you, she thinks of you through the day. Now I’m not saying buy her everything, but one nice set can make her feel different about herself. Don’t try to dress her racy or trashy like a porn model or some ad, unless classy, it will only lower her self-esteem.
The perfume counter is a perfect place to buy her something. Each use of it will create the memory of that day together while shopping. Have her try on a few in different spots, and then take her away for a while. After some time, ask to smell each again, casually not forceful, and advise her do the same. (Each perfume smells unique on each woman.) Talk of what each of you smell, the different flowers, scents and textures of the perfumes. Once you find her favorite, make an excuse to break away for a few moments. Buy her the small bottle, nothing big since smaller shows more care taken and thought. A woman can have a hundred bottles and never enough. By learning the scents she enjoys, you learn about her love of the outdoors, her descriptions tell you what she thinks of most often and the places she tried on the scents speaks of her openness and sexuality. (Women don’t use a bottle of the stuff either. Real men enjoy the subtle scents and mysteries of a woman, sometimes even sweaty ones.)
Footwear is like perfume, never enough for most women. A shoe that appears sexy might be worn for only hours at a time. Most women will buy multiple shoes, boots and others type so that they match outfits. If your woman wears heels, and doesn’t have a nice pair for an outfit, this is the perfect time to suggest or maybe surprise her with a pair. {Men, don’t let the service person or your woman try on the shoe. This is your perfect time to show you appreciate every step she takes for you. Don’t just pull off the other shoe or boot as if you might on your own foot. Don’t just remove and place her shoe to the side. Place it near you or in your lap. Embrace her foot. Softly and gently, remove the shoe. Your care here will show her that you love every part of her. Make sure you slowly put on the new shoe or boot. Check the fit and make certain it won’t be toe tight or slipping on her heel later, gently with care. Allow her know that you don’t hurry and that even this time of shopping is only about her and not about rushing home to see the game or go to a bar. Footwear shopping, if done right with feeling and emotions by her partner, can lead quickly to a private dressing room or bedroom. This is a part of the body that few admire about themselves and fewer yet even reveal to most partners in life.}
If she wishes to get jewelry, watch her and study what she buys. Jewelry makes a great and lasting gift. (It doesn’t have to be expensive, just make sure it won’t turn her green or the gold tone wear off quickly. Buy jewelry someone makes that is one of a kind, possibly.) Any woman that has jewelry feels special when wearing it. It reminds her of something so let it remind her of you.
The hairdresser is a place men fear the most. Even I dislike it but appreciate it. If nothing else, watch how her hair is done. If she wishes a new style, don’t berate it. Some women go through periods of hairstyles like clothes. Ask why and then what she admired about the person she saw it on, generally it is a person they admire or identify with that makes them do these changes. Support her but also let her know that she is just as beautiful, confident and everything else as that person she admires without it. Build up her self-esteem just as she might yours. If she gets the look and even if you hate it, never say or agree that you might. Remember, hair grows back, most of the time. If you wish, surprise her, study how her hair is done and maybe, if bold, take an online class or even go to a real one. The sensuality of the hair of a woman is something that no woman disrespects. The sensations of a man’s hands running through her hair, taking that care and grace to show her how beautiful she can be and usually is something they never forget.
Women like to talk while shopping, most of them. They like opinions and suggestions but you have to know when and on what. If they ask, reply. Watch how they hold the item, listen to how their words fall, observe their eyes, face and body for the answer they wish to hear. Slowly, you will get better at this, it takes practice.
Lest we forget that, the very things that caught our eyes about this female (or maybe male) might have been their clothes, scent or hair. How they stood for that moment or walked carrying themselves even shows more than most will ever notice consciously.
A person is a complicated mystery that you can unfold as the morning sun does the new bud of a rose. Go shopping with them. That bud might blossom a little more for you to understand.

Wonderful Reviews of Am I Real

I am posting some reviews today of my book, Am I Real. (I did not pay or ask for these reviews.)



Prolific Reader

Lerin Jackson


Kindle Customer

Jessica Bruno

Helen Finch

Yes, my editing was rough and the story was written for myself. It was only when someone told me I should publish it that I took that next leap. I didn’t have even a beta reader at this point. I have learned much since that time and promise my next book to be even better.

Am I Real was re-edited about six months ago. If you have it from Amazon please use the Update to make the story better.

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