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Am I Real ebook

Am I Real – Chapter 1 on Wattpad

I’m always learning and this time I learned how to post on a place called Wattpad.  I posted a promo for my book, Am I Real, that includes the first chapter.

Am I Real on Wattpad

Go there and read the first chapter.

I recently edited Am I Real again.  It is better than before and can be downloaded again if purchased before so that you have the best copy available at either Smashwords or Amazon (using the update ability from Amazon).

Wonderful Reviews of Am I Real

I am posting some reviews today of my book, Am I Real. (I did not pay or ask for these reviews.)



Prolific Reader

Lerin Jackson


Kindle Customer

Jessica Bruno

Helen Finch

Yes, my editing was rough and the story was written for myself. It was only when someone told me I should publish it that I took that next leap. I didn’t have even a beta reader at this point. I have learned much since that time and promise my next book to be even better.

Am I Real was re-edited about six months ago. If you have it from Amazon please use the Update to make the story better.

Am I Real – Profile: Horus Theron

Horus Theron is not your normal hero.  He is of small stature, muscular for his size but not model proportioned.  His build is for grace and speed instead of brute force.  He sports a cropped haircut that stands up like a brush and sometimes slips back to his Southern Virginia accent.
Rus, to his friends, is calm and not emotional most times.  He is as likely to ignore you as to talk to you even if you catch his eye.  He is shy and introverted.  Except for his work, he is nearly a shut in.
He is a killer to most around him.  Cold, tactically thinking and quick to do his deed, Rus doesn’t pull punches and thinks nothing of some actions.  He will kill any living thing without any remorse if it tries to harm him and the ones he loves or cares for.  He sees himself as a Protector and a person that solves problems for the Elite, organizations and businesses.  He belongs to a special group known as the Trinity Order of Blood.  They are nearly untouchable.
He was good at his job and eventually became of high station and a member of the specialized group.  He also was well paid.
What makes him a hero, you might ask?  Well, he does the other things that make him loved and nearly worshipped by others.
Rus had more hopes than credits though.  He wanted to fix up the bombed out slums, where others still lived, but in the current economy, even his money would do little there.  He set up a company and began buying the surplus military ration packs and other gear civilians could use.  This he took to the slums and other low class areas to distribute.
Rus’s personal life is a mess.  In his time, females are a precious thing.  If you find one, usually, they are chipped and possessed by the Elite.  The few females he has known have run from him when finding out his profession.  Because of his dislike of androids, he won’t have one of those, even when offered as a gift.  They are not real.
Rus stays alone in his small house outside the city.  His few hobbies include bowling, gardening, herbal medicine and weaponry.  His loneliness is starting to get to him as much as the killing of these newer androids called SPUs.
When Rus finds a female, in the bowling alley that he frequents, with two males that wish to hurt her, will his protectiveness comes forward?  Will he ignore her as he had others in the past?  Is she going to lead him into something that can’t be possible for either of them?  Can he let go of his past to live in this new present?
These are the questions to be answered in “Am I Real,” the book mentioned in USA Today, Happy Ever After section.Get your copy today at the links below.

Horny Hump Day in Celebration of Am I Real

As many of you know, my first book, Am I Real, was mentioned in the USA Today section called Happy Ever After.

In celebration of this, I’m offering a peek at one of the hot scenes.  I know three lines isn’t much, but you need to book to really get the entire story of Horus and Faith and the question, Am I Real.

These line take place when she has just woke him while she explored his body.  Her innocence is evident in the scene it is taken from in the story.  (This is actually four sentences in the book.)

Faith looked at the organ, touched her finger to the tip where the slit was, pulling a drop of his fluid from it; watched the glass-like, sticky, slick strand extend from it before finally breaking. Softly blowing on his erection, she witnessed more fluid come from the tip. The sight of it was breathtaking and lovely.

The book mentioned in USA Today, Happy Ever After section, Am I Real. Get your copy today at the link below.
Am I Real ebook
Remember to purchase your copy of my first book, please and spread the word of its release.
Thank you.

Am I Real Has Been Published

Am I Real ebook
A man troubled by his profession and the things he has to do in it is slowly falling apart. Average people shy from him because he’s a hunter and a killer. People who hire him see him as an outcast but an unavoidable necessity. He has no one.
A chance encounter brings a woman into his life. Dirty, worn clothes, and all, she brings the protective instincts out in him. He takes her home, cleans her up, and she begins to seduce him. Are his assumptions about her true? Or will they discover the true meaning of “Am I Real?”
It is the book mentioned in USA Today, Happy Ever After section, Am I Real. Get your copy today at the link below.
Available at Amazon

USA Today, Happy Ever After Mentioned My First Book, Am I Real

I have no idea if Joyce Lamb will ever see this blog post of mine.  If she does, I pray she realizes how much of a miracle the addition of my book to her article was for me.  I didn’t even know about being included until Sunday night when others picked up on it.  So, forgive me Joyce Lamb for not thanking you sooner.

Am I Real is the first book I have published.  It is the first book I placed a piece of my soul into.  I didn’t want a book of only sci-fi, erotica romance or a lesson .  I wished to combine the three and create something special.  I can only pray I did this with Am I Real.

I don’t count myself as a great writer.  I count myself as someone with a story to tell and a unique voice in which to write it.  I break rules that I know I shouldn’t in order to make script that flows and is nearly lyrical in form.  I try to write romance without the purple prose of old but with a little of the stylings of the old masters.  I wish to make the readers know and experience the emotions of the characters during their times together and sense the love between them.  Whether I accomplish this or not is up the the reader.

It is a miracle for any first time author to be in the spotlight, let alone the spotlight of a woman such as Joyce Lamb with her qualifications and awards.  Her article left me stunned to even think that my book was posted on Aug. 22, 2013 with the other great authors she reviews and posted about in USA Today’s Happy Ever After section.

Joyce Lamb’s Blog: Joyce Writes

Happy Ever After Section in USA Today

I thank you, Joyce Lamb, for placing my book in with these great others you posted in the article.  It is an honor and a humbling experience when someone does this for a first time author/publisher.