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Democracy, We Should Be A Republic

People say this nation is a democracy. It is this and worse. A few people hold power over the others. They strike away the rights of the people. Our corporations and banks return to the old methods of wage slavery as was done by the very ones we rebelled against during the War for Independence.

What this nation began as was a Republic where all had rights, which could never be hindered or taken away by the Articles of the Constitution. Banks were regulated by how they treated their depositors and how they treated the people having loans. Corporations didn’t exist which made family businesses thrive and allowed for a real free market economy.

The words in the Pledge of Allegiance are there for a purpose to make us remember we are a Republic and not a democracy of hierarchies where others rule over us. We do not pledge to a president, congress or senate. {“I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”} We pledge to our fellow citizens to support each other not to support a government or ideals of a ruler. This is the very reason the first Ten Amendments are crucial to the country’s survival. They were meant for all people no matter the race, creed or background. All of the rest were added to simply gain control or profit from the people.


James Franco’s Interview

I love this interview of James Franco. It is so straightforward, but I think he is being human and himself.

Straight James Franco Talks to Gay James Franco

 Society put labels on men without warrant for acting with emotion, love, sensitivity and caring toward other men. Society places men in a bracket with some label if they admired or desire things of beauty or luxury or things a woman might. The media shows this to be true by how they use labels and then the masses follow suit.

Why does society do this? To make us conform to a set standard that someone conceived long ago, as what it is to be a man. A standard of psychological ideals making men into less human to be more easily controlled through a structure of rigid thinking. It turned men into people afraid to show emotions, afraid to show affection, and afraid to think for themselves not only about sexuality but also what makes us human.

I, for one, believe it is time we threw these conceptions out and all just acted human.

Writing to be Read

I always knew I wrote low on the reading scale to reach more people. I write for reading ease since what I see is not the true word written on the page due to a unique form of dyslexia. Most of my writing I try to maintain a 3rd to 5th grade reading level. Face it, reading is supposed to be pleasurable and not an act of thinking. The way to place a reader into your works best is to allow his mind to rest as their imagination takes hold. It is one reason Hemingway is still popular today.

This article shows the reasons clearly of why certain writers are still loved today.

Why History’s Best Writers Wrote for Middle Schoolers

Thoughts for Today: The Sex Industry

Did you know that both the healthcare and sex industries work together on projects? Each specialize in talent, technique and technology used by each other. Some of the most realistic artificial limbs and prosthetics are manufactured by the same talent that creates other things for the sex industry under different names.

Robotic tech is advancing not only due to the industrial and healthcare sectors but jumping by leaps in the sex industries as they put together the newest tech to achieve incredible advances for all industries. Some of the newest robotic devices are coming to the healthcare sector directly from the sex industries’ vast array of talent.

Companies are creating interactive A.I. software to create conversational androids. These are or will be able to absorb the users likes and dislikes to project a reflection of that user’s personality. Does that mean that we will soon actual have “ghost” in the shell of dolls, teddy bears and other things?

So when you think of the sex industry as something wrong and unneeded, think again. That lifelike prosthetic hand you might shake with fingers gentle closing around yours, might just be the result of talent, technique and technology developed by that specialized industry devoted to providing services that cross over to so many other industries.

We Repeat History’s Mistakes…

I begin my blog today with something I read on another site that is from history.  Please read this and then below at my views.  Thank you.
“This was the twilight of the age of progress: the death of money.
On Friday afternoons in 1923, long lines of manual and white-collar workers waited outside the pay-windows of the big German factories, department stores, banks, offices… They all stood in lines outside the pay-windows, staring impatiently at the electric wall clock, slowly advancing until at last they reached the window and received a bag full of paper notes. According to the figures inscribed on them, the paper notes amounted to seven hundred thousand or five hundred million, or three hundred and eight billion, or eighteen trillion marks – the figures rose from month to month, then from week to week, finally from day to day. With their bags the people moved quickly to the doors, all in haste, the younger ones running. They dashed to the nearest food store, where a line had already formed. …
For money could not keep, the most secure of all values had become the most insecure. … [Y]ou could provide for the moment, but you couldn’t plan for the future. It was the end of money. It was the end of the old shining hope that everyone would be rich. The secular religion of the nineteenth century was crumbling amid the profanation of holy property.
Germany had financed her war by means of loans. The state had borrowed from its citizens approximately eighty billion marks, about a third of the so-called national wealth, and shot them into the air-without result, for the war had been lost. … The great prophecies of the nineteenth century were beginning to be fulfilled.”
-Konrad Heiden, ‘Der Fuehrer’, 1944
People seem to never learn from history.  This is beginning to happen in this country, little by little.
Money has no value.  It never has.  It is only paper that someone backs with something else that truly has no value.  In life, only people have worth in this world.  It is the creator, laborer, farmer, craftsman and thinkers that are of worth.
The only way for a country to gain more worth through free education, even through college, our of children in the ways of thinking, creativity and logic.  We must stop teaching them methods of solving a problem and instead, after giving them the basic methods, allow them to solve these things from their own creativity.  We are losing the creativity, thinking and logic that drives this country and so many others.
Even during WWII the Nazis were not the true power behind their war.  They were but pawns for the large corporations and ultra-rich of Germany.  They saw a vision of grabbing the resources of the world and gaining ultimate power.
Now in the USA, corporations and these same types of people are doing the same things of history past.  Events are engineered to cause fear and chaos so that their plans to rule over all will eventually come to pass.  They will disarm us, track us, monitor us and eventually decide which of us will be allowed to even have children.  Their eventual goal is to reduce the world’s population by 2/3’s or more so that they can survive and not the common person.  They genetically modify our foods, put chemicals in them so that they last for months and even place chemicals in our water to make it “pure.”  In turn all of these things make us sick, cause cancer and many other things.  They are practicing the same things that the Nazis did with the Jews except on a much wider scale, selective terminations of the population.
America does not fight for freedom or for our country’s protection any longer in most places in these wars.  We fight to allow these big corporations to take control of these places for cheap labor and resources.  We waste the lives of our young on the need for fossil fuels when clean, free energy could be developed for all people of the world.  But, this would end the power that the corporations and elite have over all, so they destroy, eliminate and terminate anyone trying these things.
Some believe that free, clean energy would begin a war to end all wars.  It would actually make all wars stop.  Imagine a world where everyone can live, grow and create things that they desire without the hindrance of the need for power to pump or obtain water for their land, without the cost of production of a factories power, without the need for ever being cold or hot unless we chose to in our homes.  This and so much more could be accomplished through clean, free power sources to all.  There would be no hunger and hardship.
In the end, the very greed that has driven the world since finding oil and other fossil fuels will be the makers of its destruction.  When the corporations and others finally run out of these things, they will turn to the other things they control, such as food and control that even more.  Greed knows no end, it is a cycle that must be broken, but only together can the people break even one link in its massive chain.
Only peace, love, understanding, intelligence, wisdom and tolerance will allow all of humankind and this planet to survive.  We cannot allow such a race as humankind to fade in the passing of time due to our own shortcomings.
Together we can make a difference.  The first step is free energy.  The second foods and water free of chemicals.  The third step is opening community small shops and businesses instead of the box mega stores that rule our buying.  The fourth step is free medical care and education for all.
Jobs would be made for all and everyone has a talent or gift that can be used in this life.  We need only find and use it instead of stifling it as our current methods of teaching do.
If we all make our voices heard for these things, we can change our world.  I wish to plant the seed for a tree of life to grow.  Help me water it and see it flourish for our children and their children to come.
Damian Bloodstone

Tax Breaks for the Rich? The Money Cliff!

  • I wrote this as a response to someone on Facebook.  It was about the debate of the tax break question for the rich.
    People seem to never learn. It isn’t the money that is important in this world. It is the people. Money is a tool to make us dependent upon one another. If money had no value, many would curl up and die. People have value.
    Only through the help of the millionaires of this country can we turn this country around. Give them the stupid tax breaks but for helping the country instead of keeping it invested. I know it sounds odd for me especially to say this, but we need to give tax breaks to all classes. We need free education through college, free all inclusive health care and yes, even free food, housing and things for those that cannot afford it.
    We cannot build this country back without investing into it through education, the creation of small businesses and the growth of higher wages for the current wage slaves. The economy just doesn’t work if the lower classes cannot afford to spend. We need to stop thinking of money as a solution to everything. It is the main problem. Paper has little value. People have true value in their creativity, logic and talents. Use these with education and build a greater America for all generations to come.
    Adding on now:
    The current taxes that the US government takes in are used mainly to support other interests in this country.  We cannot allow the rich to be taxed to see their dollars flow out of this country when we need them the most.  With higher taxes, the rich will leave this country and then all will suffer.  We simply cannot afford this.
    Instead, we must give them tax breaks but for investing in the country.  We must have them give near zero interest loans to start up small businesses that can compete with the major ones, see them invest in free education for all and even fund free energy research (whether some like this idea or not).  In the future, the only way for even the rich to prosper will be through the development of the lower classes out of the wage slaves that they have become.  If you have only a country of wage slaves and poor, no one will be able to purchase the products to continue even the growth of the rich classes.
    Only through the abolishment of all money-based social standards in all countries of the world.  We, as a race of people, should be above this.  We know the horrors of the great depressions, collapse of entire countries due to this simple greed over number or items of some placed value.  We only repeat history again and again through our neglect of the simple principle that money or currency is not what is important.  It is the welfare of each and every person on this planet.
    Even the earliest hunter/gather humans understood these principles and yet we have strayed so far from them.  Every person in the tribe or group had to work together to survive.  It wasn’t things given for things received, it was given freely to survive as the group.  One person could change the entire life of the group through their logic, skills, talents and creativity.  This is what made us survive in the earliest days of man and what made us great.  We are slowly or have lost this totally.
    In the end, money is only a piece of paper, electronic number or scrap of metal used for dragging all of us down.  We are dependent upon others for this and yet if allowed to freely use our talents, creativity and logic, wouldn’t most of us still be doing the same jobs, activities and hobbies?
    As Humans, we strive to use our given talents and creativity to make things better not just for ourselves but for all around us.  We are social beings, even blogs and the internet confirms this.  All we need to do is let this social attitude to spread from the faceless internet to the real world.  Each of us can make a difference in someone’s life.  Why not try to do that today.
    Remember every act of help or kindness gets something in return, even if it is only the smile of that one person.

Just What Defines Art of Any Form?

I am writing this today due to the need to get the word out about something I have seen on the net.  It is about one person’s vision and his art.
Throughout history, art has been and will, hopefully, always be a place where the avant-garde dwells.  It is one of the few places left where actual freedom exists.
Artists, of all forms of works, have reined only themselves in when needed.  They have never asked for acceptance or forgiveness, understanding or compassion for their many works.  They have created because it has been the correct thing to do in their eyes.  They have challenged us to look at things morbid, grotesque, mundane, unusually beautiful and unusual to the point of challenging our own reality and us.
I was somewhat lucky.  I grew up in a family that didn’t restrict art in the forms of painting from the great masters and others up to the modern age.  I studied art and the various forms, learned to paint, sculpt, build, model, write and create in many forms.  This allowed my imagination to take root and developed my love of art today in the varied forms.
I recently stumbled upon a unique collection of video artwork.  It is by a man named, Clayton Cubitt, and it is called “Hysterical Literature.” (  At first I was entranced at the beautiful women reading and hadn’t known what or why it was called this.  Watch the videos before reading about them.  The effect they have on you will be pronounced.  Please go there now and watch these videos.  (I get nothing from this person except the pleasure in seeing these videos myself.  I thank him for making them and showing a side of beauty that few might ever truly see.)
Please watch the videos before reading further and come back.
Some have stated that these cannot be art.  I have to disagree.  Beautiful women reading literature that has meaning to them could only be called art.  The beauty that is shown later is only the highest form of human art.  When else can a woman be truly at her most beautiful except one of these times, only during a few other times in their lives.
What Clayton Cubitt has captured on these videos is the most wonderful and exciting experience that a person can have.  It is also when we let down our façade of life for those moments and reveal the nature of our being, the animal hidden within us all.  This is something rarely captured in reality.  It is a fleeting and private moment often never glimpsed of except by lovers.
He is not doing this for the porn value but for the beauty in it.  Watch them once and see only one piece of his vision.  Study them, the small happenings during the readings to the voices, the body language and even the way they hold their hands and fingers.  He has captured something truly wondrous in nature that many wish to only hide or lock away forever.  Yet, it is one of the truly most beautiful things that we can express.
Some people will state that these videos are obscene or vulgar.  Others will state that they are good literature cheapened by “porn.”  Still others will state that they are not art of any kind.
Art is not something that we can classify, put labels on or judge for the masses.  Art is subjective and is viewed (and should be viewed) in the mind of the person looking at it.  It cannot be said that it must include certain things or how it should be done.  We cannot limit what might be considered art, for when we limit art we limit the imagination and the limits of our own minds.
These are just my views.  Thanks for reading them and visiting the site above.

Heaven in a Box

Heaven in a Box
By Damian Bloodstone (
Copyright © 7/1/2012  All Rights Reserved.  This cannot be copied in whole or in part without the author’s sole express permission.
WARNINGS:  Might make you think.
She climbed up on the rim and hopped into the shadowed container.  The sight and smell made her nearly gag.  As she moved bags, she tore into them until she found one that didn’t smell quite as bad as others did.  She broke it open looking at the contents.  Fishing through the stuff, she found fresher pieces of things to place in the small cardboard box.  She shook and scrapped some pieces to get off things that weren’t as good or already had too many bugs.  Silence and fear were her companions as she placed the box on top of the container.  It was illegal to do this and she knew the results too well from the bruises and abuse she had received from police and others.  She climbed up on the rim, looked around, and then hopped off onto the pavement.  The woman got her box and walked over to the dimly lighted corner of the adjacent building.
The smells coming from the building were heaven to her.  She looked at the small box lifting one of the pieces of meat.  It still tasted good enough and was almost the size of her palm.  The next piece was chicken, tasted freshly cooked; it was even juicy.  Tensing in fear, she heard the back door open and saw a woman with a large takeout box.
“We have some leftovers and mistakes.”  The cleanup person looked at her eating from the dumpster, hoping she could help in some small way.
Until you have done this or something like it, you never truly know to what extents hunger will drive you to do.  If you don’t know hunger, do without food for one to three days.  It seems simple but on day two or three, you will be looking for food from any source.  Water isn’t even easy anymore since most places charge for it unless you buy something.  Even begging is out in most cities without a license of some type that you must pay for to get.
People waste up to half their food, on average, which they save after cooking or going to restaurants.  Remember this flasher before throwing food away, deciding to save something or cooking more than you need for one serving or meal.  You can usually find someone today, maybe even a neighbor out of work, which will more than appreciate what you have to give.  We must take care of each other, no one else will and the governments certainly won’t do it much longer.  Only as a community of people will we all survive what is in the days to come on this planet.

Why Being a Writer Isn’t Fun and Games or Simple.

I’m writing this to tell everyone why I’m writing and possibly to inform others about why being a full time writer is nearly impossible.

I don’t consider myself a writer yet, but I’m working on it.

I am one of those disabled people that can’t hold down the “normals” jobs even if just sitting at a desk doing paperwork.  My body can’t take the stress and I get sick too often to even hold down the job, plus I have a list of medical problems.

I began writing stories at the age of 13 and have never stopped since.  I read everything from every genre I could get a hold of back then and still do.  I compared my writing and style to others and developed my own style.  Made my own unique worlds and characters to inhabit them over this period.  Still, I wrote every chance I could get for hours each day avoiding computer games, things I liked to do with people and even quitting one computer game that was getting too time consuming, which I dearly loved playing online.

The one thing I do is WRITE everyday day for 8 to 16 hours a day.  (Not in one sitting since I can’t do that and still have my health at all.)  What I turn out might be bad on some days but I learn from the experience.  If I can’t keep my body going at least I can keep my mind going by writing.  I write in small periods from when I get up until when I go to sleep most times.  My entertainment is writing, it has to be in order to improve my skills and hopefully turn out that one good piece on a single day, if short, or month if over 60K words in length.

I do listen to music while I write, but not the distracting types that you can’t listen to in the background while doing other things.  I read other authors and highlight methods they use or interesting ways in which that present characters or ideas to study on and try to find a method to do that in my writing without copying their method.

Read a blog this morning by an author that told just how hard this profession really is.  She made it seem like the worst profession you could have nearly.  Unappreciated, under valued and with all the side line works that you have to do at times just to survive with some type of paycheck coming in from those things.

I agree that people don’t understand the hardships of writing full time and never seeing much or anything from it.  It’s not easy typing until you see 60K words on the screen, going back and making a rough edit, and tossing most of that to the digital trashcan.  Might not have been bad writing but might not have fit into the story on the whole.  So now your nearly month of writing 60K words is down to half and you start working again, checking character outlines, story board connections and plot devices to see where you got off track possibly.  If you are lucky, you find out and finish the story.  If not, you set it aside and write something at least, even if it is a simple short story for your own pleasure.  Then you spell, grammar check and edit that one until you have something half decent.

One thing I have found is that you need other eyes laid on your writing.  No way in any form can you edit your own works totally and see them turn out better.  You are usually too close, adding in missed words and filling in blanks in the plot or scenes in your mind without the words being their at times.

One thing I found that helped greatly was the text to voice feature of a few programs I have to help in writing.  When you hear your words read back to you, after you have set the story aside for a while, you can  hear where the words are wrong, the plot goes off on a tangent, commas aren’t needed or are and if the story holds your own interest after hearing it read for seven pages at first and then for two hours or more.

The first seven pages have to hold the reader like a bee is drawn to a flower.  If you can’t hook them here, forget the rest of the book.  If they aren’t going to read past that far, go back and redo the starting pages.  Then look at the first chapter as a whole for as the hook.  It doesn’t stop there however.  Readers have a habit of jumping to places in books to see what the writing is like or if it matches their own fantasies and desires for a story.  So you have to look at each chapter and each paragraph as a hook for the reader.  Each piece you read must make you wish to read on, if it doesn’t, it might not be a bad thing just a part you might want to consider editing out or polishing up.

All of these things take time too.  So if you write and finish say a 120,000 word story in a month, you might be editing, checking and polishing for the next three to six months, if you don’t have an editor, proofreader and others to look at your work.

You can also never stop learning about writing.  You have to purchase those books on writing and then really read them.  See what you learn in each section and apply that to your writing, learning in baby steps how to create, edit or polish your own writing, making it into the readable work that people will pick up.

If you try to get published through an agent, great for you.  You may never find an agent though if your writing isn’t up to the standard or in the genre which that particular agent is after.  They look at the big dollar sign, which is what you should look for too, but this still doesn’t mean it will get you an agent if your writing isn’t good enough.  After you find an agent, good luck.  I haven’t used one yet, so I have no knowledge on that part yet.

If you self publish, and this is a big one people, you will need to outline your business plan for your publishing.  You will become the marketer, ad agent, website designer, online ads maker, blogger, Facebook logger and cover art creator for your works.  Then the hard parts come with true online chats, personal interviews, book signings at your local book store (if you have the money to get a few printed copies), workshops to host, public speaking on the works you produce and many other things.  OK, now you should get the stress level involved in self-publishing.  All this is also coming out of your own cash too.  Oh, did I forget to mention that you still have to do most of the above if you submit it to a publisher too!

All of this above stuff means nothing however, if your don’t do one thing.  WRITE!!!  You have to write when you feel terrible, forgo those nice things you use to do usually and keep yourself in the mind frame that the next thing you write will be a best seller.  If you don’t keep that dream alive, you will not succeed as a writer, either full or part-time.

If you get published by a big house or even a smaller one, don’t expect the big bucks.  Those things never happen to most writers.  Most are lucky to see anything from their book sales after the publishers take their cuts and their costs from your royalties.  If you self-publish, you will be fighting a battle in an uphill torrent that can and will swallow you whole with your book or story nowhere to be found.  Either way unless you take the reins to make it be found, your book will sit on a shelf to become either paper pulp or digital trash in a few weeks to a few months.

Writers out there must stick together, but we must also stick close to our readers, no matter who that might be.  If one reader talks good about what they read in a crowded store or in a line at a store to another friend, others might hear what they are saying and want to check it out.  If one reader shares something good on Facebook about us or in a blog, it might be what starts the social networking to make sales jump a little.

Don’t depend on this though unless you market yourself like mad and make your presence well known on the internet.  The public needs to be able to find info on your actual name or pseudo with only putting it into the Google search engine.  If your name isn’t unique or is spelled like a million other’s names, you might be in luck.  If someone has a pseudo like the one you wish, change it!  You don’t want to be confused for someone else, it will only get you into a bad place very quickly.  Try to develop this a little before putting out your works.  Get a webpage and make it professional looking, a cheap look or cluttered with ads will drive a person away in a second.  Ads are all right but must be either out of first line of sight or somewhere nearly hidden at the bottom of the page.  (I know, how will I generate income for the page without ads, right?  Well, ads are tricky things, you don’t want too many but need a few.  Google ads are great since they rotate between things they sell.  One of these ads can be better than ten or twenty static ones.  Movement on the page makes the eye go to that place, but .  See the point now?  I learned this the hard way.)

Seek out a writers group that is in the genre that you wish to write in.  Show your writing, get critiques and comments, learn from them and don’t get discouraged by any of them.  What one person that writes might see as bad, a hundred others might enjoy.  Remember to help others here too, whenever and however you can by critiquing their works, commenting on their works and generally interacting with the group.  Anything to get your thoughts out and continue to make yourself known in the group.  You will learn a lot in a writer’s group that you never thought possible.  Actual published authors are in most of these and they sometimes do or might critique a story of yours or make a comment.  Read other’s writing and learn from them what works too.  Don’t have a closed mind about anything or any topic.

Why I write the stories I write, I have the drive to write these stories.  I have a never ending urge to create and write, thank goodness.  Not everything is good, but I write it.  If I don’t write each day, I get depressed and then think I shouldn’t even try at times.  So, I don’t let myself slip into this thinking.  I think each day that I will write the best I have ever written and it will get published, even if just by myself to see on my own webpage.

If you can’t write in a genre you think you can, change and see if another one fits your better.  No matter what, don’t pigeon hole yourself into a single genre.  Actually, don’t write in any genre!  Write to suit yourself first, and then the public later after you develop your style, abilities and voice.  (Yes, writing has a voice!  It is the way the writer puts words to any type of print.  You can tell a lot about a writer just from their voice, like if they like a genre they are writing, if the characters are part of them and if the plots and scenes were a struggle to write or flowed like water from them.)  Write what interests you, don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t write a subject type, unless it if viewed as illegal in some manner.  What you might write just might have  a special niche market that will get you some copies sold.

Don’t just write a single title, even if only short stories to go with the big title.  Books sell better from authors that have multiple books out.  Readers like to see that the author isn’t going to be a one time book writer.  They like to see that their is a list being created.  Create a back list, which is a list of books or stories you have done and place this in your books and everywhere you can to show you have the drive to produce more works.  Create a front list, a list made to show new titles you are working on and when you expect to release them (don’t state an actual date, that is a death sentence for so many reasons).  Post free stories on your webpage, post teasers (learn how to write these or learn to never see your book sold), post excerpts from your book or story, create a guestbook on your webpage and send personal emails thanking people that visit your site, maybe including a teaser in it even that isn’t on your webpage yet, readers like to see all of this.  Get to know your readers and they will sell you better than yourself ever can.

Decide early on that you will never get anything for your writing.  This way you will not be disappointed when no money comes in from that great book you just wrote.  It can take weeks, months or years to get sold enough to generate anything at all.  You might be the type that needs the money, don’t think you will ever get anything from your writing except your own pleasure in writing it.  Then when something does happen, it is like a gift from God himself.

Most important of all, if you haven’t gotten the meaning before this:  WRITE, HAVE CONFIDENCE IN YOUR WRITING, DON’T LET ANYONE TELL YOU THAT YOU CAN’T WRITE AND NEVER LET YOUR DREAMS OF BEING A WRITER DIE IN FRONT OF YOU!  If you take those words to heart, think about what I have written and how much work it will be and still think you can do it, great.

Take Care and Stay Safe.