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How Did I Get Started Writing?

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The Hourglass?

Time is something that seems to go by too quickly for me. Some of my life events that shaped me are as if they happened yesterday. Others are more distant and remote. Writing is my solace and my conduit into my worlds where both friends and enemies dwell.

The above photo is relevant to the topic, I promise.

I guess most of you wonder how did I start writing. That’s a long story but I’ll try to make it concise.

Some people talk of science fiction and horror stories. Sometimes, I think, I lived it.

I started writing in third grade with a small horror story for English. I will always remember the title, Closet Monsters.  It was the only thing I ever wrote in first-person until much later. I received an A on it. I was discouraged to write about such things again by the teachers, principle, and my parents. So, I turned back to art and drawing, my first love.

I guess I was eight or nine when I wrote my second story. The teachers hated it. It had me in the principle’s office and carrying a note to my mother. They graded it an A because of the technique, the grammar used and the shocking ending. The school confiscated the short story because it went opposite their religious ideas.

It wasn’t until I found Role Playing Games (AD&D) that I started becoming truly interested in writing at about ten. I wanted to learn more about my character’s backgrounds and history of where they were from. I wrote in little flip-top spiral notebooks.  I also began reading on my own but this I found a dangerous addiction. There went homework some days.

Then sci-fi hit me big time with the release of Battlestar Galactica and other movies. I joined the Science Fiction Book Club and began picking out books that appeared interesting. Gaming went in this direction too with my first game Star Fleet Battles, based on Star Trek. Then FASA came out with Star Trek: The Role Playing Game. Well, long story short, I learned how to create my own races through those games. The races were simple and only two-dimensional compared to what I wished for them.

I moved from playing the games to writing stories about the first races I created. These were normal RPG races that were still cookie cutter ones from the games. I knew there had to be more.

It wasn’t until I was thirteen that something happened. I heard her voice for the first time. (I know you will think I was going crazy. I did too, but I wasn’t.) My Muse began to tell me and instruct me on her galaxy, planets, ships, her race of beings, and things you couldn’t imagine.

Now at this time, I was being homeschooled with a totally Christian upbringing. The things my Muse told me were contradicting of the bible and most of what humans thought of as evolutionary history. Even the one she worshiped was different. A being called simply Mistress in our tongue.

My Muse had my curiosity peaked and in an adolescent thirteen-year-old, this was a highly dangerous thing. I studied the encyclopedias on various subjects, science and space books from the library, and history books. When she began telling me weird things about their species, I had to move to medical books. (I had lacked any sex ed until then, so everything was eye opening and confusing.)

I wrote down everything but sometimes things were still at a distance or fogged in her words and my mind. Still, I cataloged all the data she imparted and studied further. I don’t even know how I was able to check out or read and understand some of the things I did from the library. My father’s bookshelf also contained books that were of science, biology, and religion. I climbed on many a piece of furniture to get to those high bookshelves.

Since I could draw, I drew things about them. First their buildings and homes, then I drew their two planets in detail. I lost almost all of those drawings in our move to a new house.

When I got my first computer, I didn’t ask for games. I asked for a word processor.  This surprised my parents, but they got it. Then a program came out call GEOS for my computer. (Kind of like a very simple windows but made for a Commodore computer.) My interest grew and the information on the race expanded to computer files and art.

Well, that is all for today.  See me next week when I tell more.

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