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Just What Defines Art of Any Form?

I am writing this today due to the need to get the word out about something I have seen on the net.  It is about one person’s vision and his art.
Throughout history, art has been and will, hopefully, always be a place where the avant-garde dwells.  It is one of the few places left where actual freedom exists.
Artists, of all forms of works, have reined only themselves in when needed.  They have never asked for acceptance or forgiveness, understanding or compassion for their many works.  They have created because it has been the correct thing to do in their eyes.  They have challenged us to look at things morbid, grotesque, mundane, unusually beautiful and unusual to the point of challenging our own reality and us.
I was somewhat lucky.  I grew up in a family that didn’t restrict art in the forms of painting from the great masters and others up to the modern age.  I studied art and the various forms, learned to paint, sculpt, build, model, write and create in many forms.  This allowed my imagination to take root and developed my love of art today in the varied forms.
I recently stumbled upon a unique collection of video artwork.  It is by a man named, Clayton Cubitt, and it is called “Hysterical Literature.” (http://claytoncubitt.tumblr.com/tagged/hystericalliterature)  At first I was entranced at the beautiful women reading and hadn’t known what or why it was called this.  Watch the videos before reading about them.  The effect they have on you will be pronounced.  Please go there now and watch these videos.  (I get nothing from this person except the pleasure in seeing these videos myself.  I thank him for making them and showing a side of beauty that few might ever truly see.)
Please watch the videos before reading further and come back.
Some have stated that these cannot be art.  I have to disagree.  Beautiful women reading literature that has meaning to them could only be called art.  The beauty that is shown later is only the highest form of human art.  When else can a woman be truly at her most beautiful except one of these times, only during a few other times in their lives.
What Clayton Cubitt has captured on these videos is the most wonderful and exciting experience that a person can have.  It is also when we let down our façade of life for those moments and reveal the nature of our being, the animal hidden within us all.  This is something rarely captured in reality.  It is a fleeting and private moment often never glimpsed of except by lovers.
He is not doing this for the porn value but for the beauty in it.  Watch them once and see only one piece of his vision.  Study them, the small happenings during the readings to the voices, the body language and even the way they hold their hands and fingers.  He has captured something truly wondrous in nature that many wish to only hide or lock away forever.  Yet, it is one of the truly most beautiful things that we can express.
Some people will state that these videos are obscene or vulgar.  Others will state that they are good literature cheapened by “porn.”  Still others will state that they are not art of any kind.
Art is not something that we can classify, put labels on or judge for the masses.  Art is subjective and is viewed (and should be viewed) in the mind of the person looking at it.  It cannot be said that it must include certain things or how it should be done.  We cannot limit what might be considered art, for when we limit art we limit the imagination and the limits of our own minds.
These are just my views.  Thanks for reading them and visiting the site above.