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Skye Michaels – Mac’s Damaged Dom

Mac’s Damaged Dom by Skye Michaels

The Wilton Park Grand Hotel Six

Steven “Steel” Cameron was a Major in the U.S. Army when both of his lower legs were blown off by an IED in Iraq over nine years ago. The trauma was heightened by the fact that his wife of several years couldn’t handle the shock of how her handsome husband looked with two metal sticks to replace the strong, muscular legs that were no longer there. Steel, a Master Dom, never allowed his subs to see him completely naked. He hid his damaged legs and prostheses under tall, black riding boots at the club.

MacAlister “Mac” Smith was a biomedical engineer, prosthetist and physical therapist working on the design of the latest mind-controlled robotic limbs. Mac has seen and admired Master Steel at The Black Iris Club for months and thinks he would make a good candidate for Mac’s clinical trials of the new generation of robotic legs. He had also noticed that Steel did not seem to connect emotionally with any of his subs. Mac had accepted his homosexuality years ago, but he was still trying to come to terms with his need to be a submissive. He didn’t understand what drove him to want to turn himself over to another person completely and call that person Master. He was at the top of his field and totally in control in the lab. Why did he need to subjugate himself to another person sexually?

Can these two very different individuals overcome their emotional and physical problems and blend into a strong D/s partnership? Can Steel let go and give his heart again? Can Mac come to terms with his submissive needs?

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Adult Teaser for Mac’s Damaged Dom

Once they were in the Italian Renaissance Room with the door closed, he turned to Mac. “Disrobe, sub. We won’t need any cuffs, at least not right away.” Steel reclined on the chaise and made himself comfortable while Mac undressed and stowed his clothes in the armoire. Steel enjoyed watching Mac’s beautifully muscled body emerge from his street clothes. He never got tired of looking at that sleek body. When he was done, Steel gestured for Mac to join him on the chaise. “Open my zipper, sub, and then straddle my lap.”

Mac hastened to obey, and Steel’s cock sprang out from his leathers. Once he was in position, Steel pulled him down into a deep and dark kiss. He took the time to leisurely explore Mac’s mouth and graze his lips down the corded muscles of his throat. He reached into his pocket and brought out two plain gold screw-on nipple clamps.
“Let’s give these a try tonight, shall we, subbie?”

“As you wish, Sir.” Mac gasped as the clamps were tightened to just past comfortable on his flat brown nipples. His facial expression eased as he got used to the pressure. “That’s different, Sir.”

“I wanted to try something new, sub. Let me know if they become too uncomfortable.” Steel reached up from his reclining position and flicked the clamps with his tongue. He could feel Mac’s reaction flash through his body and the goose bumps rise up on his skin. “Prepare your Master’s cock, sub.”

“May I, Sir?” At Steel’s affirmative nod, Mac reached down and took Steel’s hard prick into his mouth. He licked and sucked until Steel’s cock throbbed in anticipation. Mac continued to play with Steel’s cock until it was hard as the tempered steel in his name.

Steel handed Mac a tube of lube. Mac applied a substantial squirt along Steel’s straining cock. Need pulsed through his veins. He pulled Mac forward over his shaft and impaled him in one smooth thrust. Steel gave a triumphant growl as Mac’s ass muscles began to milk his cock. He thrust up into Mac’s back entrance, and they rocked each other to a shattering climax, gleaming muscles straining. A sheen of perspiration coated Mac’s chest, and rivulets of sweat trickled over Steel’s ripped abs as Mac collapsed against his chest.

“Excellent, subbie.” They rested that way until Steel’s cock finally began to soften and slipped out of Mac’s back door. Steel pulled Mac’s unresisting body up close to his chest and cradled him in his arms. They both struggled to regain their breath.

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Wilson Hotel Series by Skye Michaels

Alex’s Sacrifice

The Wilton Park Grand Hotel One

Alex Richmond had been in love with his rough, tough, impatient boss, Jarred Ransom since he started at Ransom Construction six months ago. He had no idea that Jarred was bisexual, but on a business trip to Fort Lauderdale, he discovers that Jarred wants to introduce him to BDSM.
While they are dining at The Black Dahlia Hotel, Alex overhears one side of a phone conversation that throws him for a loop. A past sub of Jarred’s reveals that she has a son that looks like Jarred. Alex has no choice but to tell Jarred that he may have a child that he was unaware of. When little Benji is in danger, the parental instincts of both men surface, and Alex is prepared to sacrifice his love for Jarred for Benji’s happiness. Can they save Benji and can Jarred convince Alex they can have it all?

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Ricky’s Dilemma,

The Wilton Park Grand Hotel Two

Rickie Estavez had immigrated to the United States twelve years ago when life in Mexico had become unbearable. His traditional Mexican family could not accept his homosexuality. Mexican culture was not tolerant of that particular deviation from the norm. In the ensuing years Rickie had managed to make a life for himself in the predominantly gay suburb of Fort Lauderdale called Wilton Park. He had a comfortable life, work, friends, and the little house he was renovating. He was happy.

While basically estranged from his entire family, Rickie remained close to his fraternal twin brother, Fernando, a rising star in the State Attorney’s Office in Mexico City. Fernando’s successful prosecution of members of the Juarez drug cartel put Fernando in the cross-hairs of a cartel death sentence, and he had gone into hiding at the family beach house on Cozumel.

Dom Sam McCade, special consultant to Homeland Security on the illegal immigration issue, was staying at the exclusive and very expensive Wilton Park Grand Hotel for his first vacation in years. When Sam walked into the Zen Way hair salon where Rickie worked for a haircut, both men were instantly smitten.

A relationship developed, but Rickie felt he couldn’t confide his brother’s problem to the government consultant. When the opportunity for Rickie to accompany Sam on a luxury New Years’s cruise to Cozumel aboard the Golden Dolphin, arises, Rickie can’t pass up the possible opportunity to rescue his brother from the drug cartel.

Can Rickie save his brother from the Juarez cartel, and can he salvage the relationship with Sam that was damaged by his lack of trust?

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Danny’s Escape

The Wilton Park Grand Hotel Three

Danny Holcomb is involved in an unhealthy and dangerous Master/slave relationship with sadistic Dom Randy Newman. When Randy leaves Danny beaten and barely conscious in the dungeon theme room at The Black Iris Club, Dom Jack Dalton Brown steps in. Jack moves Danny out of his apartment and into a secluded cottage that is off the grid on the grounds of The Wilton Park Grand Hotel. The WPG is an elegant boutique hotel catering to a gay clientele, owned by Jack’s investment group. Jack also gives Danny the job of assistant manager of the WPG. Danny is struggling to heal from his ordeal at the hands of Randy Newman who has been encouraged none too gently by Jack Brown and his friends to leave town and to leave Danny alone.

Rush Tanner, a sex therapist, and psychologist from New York is planning to move his practice to Fort Lauderdale. At the urging of Jack Brown, Rush meets Danny at the Brown-Gallagher wedding at The Black Dahlia Hotel on Christmas Eve. Despite early fireworks, Danny and Rush hit it off, and their relationship is on the way to becoming important to both of them.

At the New Year’s Eve gala at The Wilton Park Grand, Danny is spotted by one of Randy’s friends. Randy had been looking for Danny but had been unable to track him down. Randy begins staking out the Wilton Grand in hopes of catching sight of Danny. When he gets the opportunity, he abducts Danny.

Can Rush and their friends from security at The Black Dahlia track Danny down in time to save him from Randy Newman’s wrath? Will Rush and Danny’s relationship survive another catastrophe at the hands of Randy Newman?

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Shane’s Seduction

The Wilton Park Grand Hotel Four

Young attorney, Shane Beckett, junior associate at McGrath & Temple, LLP, has known he was gay since high school, but he has never had the courage to come out of the closet. A series of straight relationships that had not worked out have left him conflicted as he struggled to come to terms with his sexual preference.

Shane is given the assignment to review the due diligence package for a restaurant acquisition file for the bi-sexual, enigmatic, handsome and powerful restauranteur and Dom, Cordell McAdam. On Shane’s first trip up to The Black Iris Club in their office building, Shane is introduced to Cord McAdam. He is stunned when he finds out that his co-workers had thought him gay all along despite his attempts at camouflage with his ex-girlfriend Nicole. Thinking Shane and Cord might make a good connection, senior partner Dan McGrath introduces the two.

Cord takes newbie sub, Shane, under training and opens the world of BDSM for him. Their relationship is becoming more and more important to each of them although neither has said the words. Cord is encouraging Shane to come out of the closet and live his life on his own terms. The situation hits critical mass when Shane’s parents come down from Connecticut to visit him in Fort Lauderdale. Shane’s inability to confront his parents with the facts and his relationship with Cord drives a wedge between them.

Can young Shane man up, confront his parents with the truth and come to an understanding with them? Can Cord forgive the betrayal he felt when Shane denied their relationship?

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Ben’s Dr. Dom

The Wilton Park Grand Hotel Five

Ben Orsini, head surgical nurse for the world renowned plastic surgeon, F. Leigh Braxton, has been in love with his boss since he’d hired onto the surgical team two years ago. It had seemed an impossible crush since the tall, gorgeous blond god had a live in love, Nixon Jones.

When Nix was caught playing the field while Dr. Leigh was out of town, their relationship came to a crashing halt. It was obvious to Ben and the others in the office that Nix had been along for the ride and whatever he could get. It just took Leigh a little time to figure it out.

When Leigh decides to volunteer for a month on the Caribbean Compassion, a charity hospital ship providing free surgeries and critical medical care in poor Caribbean countries, he asks his nurse to go along. Apparently Ben had been on Dr. Leigh’s radar for a while, too, and this was their opportunity to explore new possibilities.

But Nix Jones has other ideas. He’s not willing to give up his cushy, carefree life as the doctor’s significant other and is determined to get back into Leigh’s good graces. Can Ben and Leigh hold it together, or will outside forces tear them apart?

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Spotlight – Saving Lena by Rose Nickol

Saving Lena - Ashcroft Security 1

Saving Lena
Ashcroft Security 1

This book is an unusual menage. The characters are vivid and hold your attention. The scenes she writes make their story come to life.

If you haven’t read any of Rose Nickol’s other books, this newest series is a good starting point. Her story is clever and not as methodical as most romance authors. I enjoyed it. I don’t usually like menage books but this one I liked because of the way the characters were done.

The Ashcroft characters are unique in the fact that they are former military who formed a lasting bond of a unique friendship on and off the battlefield that extended to even their choice of a woman.

* * * *

Three men bound by honor, one woman trying to survive in a world she never knew existed, and a world of bad men out to get her.

Melvin Ashcroft, R.J. Blackmore, and Harold Klien are the owners of Ashcroft Security. Lena Scott is unemployed, desperate for a job, and frantically trying to prove herself innocent of crimes she didn’t commit. Is it fate that brought the four of them together?

Lena didn’t know how much trouble she was in or how badly she needed help but falling in love was never part of the plan. When all evidence points to her guilt will the men believe the proof in black and white, or will they trust their hearts? Can evidence even be found to dispute the case against her?

Saving Lena, the first story in the Ashcroft Security series by Rose Nickol.

A Siren Erotic Romance

#DayofEnlightenmentBook #DoE #Dbloodstone #Sirenpublishing #scifi #book #dystopian #romance #erotica #aliens #erde #sex #love #HEA

* * * *

Excerpt PG Rated

With eye candy like that in the office it couldn’t be too bad of a place to work, Lena thought. She just might like this. Hal was handsome in a rugged way, and R.J., wow. He was just wow. Blond hair just brushing the top of his collar, ice blue eyes. Handsome didn’t describe him. He was what she pictured a Norse god might have looked like. She could picture women falling to their knees and worshiping at his feet. Yes, she was at the head of that line. She could think of at least one other thing she would do while on her knees in front of him. She’d slowly release his zipper. His cock would be so hard she would have to go slowly to keep from hurting him. Once she had him freed from the confines of his pants, she would try to wrap her hand around him, but he would be too large for her fingers to touch. Taking that beast into her mouth would take would but she could do it.

She let her mind continue to drift while she waited. What would it be like to have the attention of those men? In the few minutes, she had been with them, she had felt her body flush with heat, and parts she didn’t know she possessed had been starting to wake up. She let herself imagine what they would be like in bed. Her mind was still wandering and when she heard the door open again, she felt herself flush. Stop it, she told herself, they can’t read your mind and have no idea what you were thinking. Smile, be professional, you need this job, don’t screw it up. Mental talk completed, Lena stood awkwardly in front of the couch, not comfortable sitting down.

“It was good seeing you again, R.J., call me soon and I’ll bring you the numbers on that deal, but I think I can get my guys to go for it.” The man Lena had been talking to, Hal, slapped Mr. Blackmore on the back and let himself out the door. Just before he stepped out the door, he turned to Lena and winked.

Mr. Blackmore then turned to Lena. “Ms. Scott, follow me.”

Lena glanced once more toward the door Hal had just walked out and followed R.J. into the office. She felt a little like Alcee sliding down the rabbit hole, but she wasn’t sure why.

“Have a seat, Ms. Scott.” He indicated a leather chair placed in front of the massive desk, and Lena perched on the edge.

He started to ask the standard interview questions and Lena relaxed. At the end of the interview, he offered Lena the job.

She gladly accepted and stood to shake his hand and leave.

“Ms. Scott…” he started.

“I think since we’re going to be working together you can call me Lena, Mr. Blackmore,” she stopped him with a smile.

“Lena, call me R.J. I was wondering if you would be willing to join Hal and me for a drink, to celebrate, and I can fill you in more on what we’ll expect from you around here. I’d like to tell you more about the business. What do you say?” he asked, a boyish grin on his face.

Oh, this is so not a good idea, Lena thought, as she nodded her head. What could one drink with two gorgeous hunks hurt?

R.J. led Lena to a waiting car. Hal was already in the back seat. This shocked Lena a little. Had they planned this? She was beginning to doubt her decision. She slid in the middle of the seat, and R.J. slid in beside her. She felt a little trapped, squished between the two large men.

“I see you talked her into it,” Hal said as she slid in.

“Yep, but I promised to talk business, so behave,” R.J. answered with a chuckle. “Lena, Hal, Mel, and I were in the Navy together, we were all Navy SEALs and Hal was my dive partner. We’ve known each other for a long time. My meeting with Hal today was too firm up some business dealings. He’s buying into the firm and you’ll be working with him as much as you will be with me. You still need to meet with Melvin Ashcroft, the owner, who is out of state right now checking into some contracts. He’ll be back sometime tomorrow. Don’t worry, I have the authority to hire you, the job is yours. Mel respects my decision.”

R.J. and Hal proceeded to tell her about the business and give her a hint of what her duties might be. Hal’s arm rested along the back of the seat and his hand drifted down to cup her shoulder. Lena felt a shiver run through her body as Hal started casually rubbing his thumb back and forth over her collar bone. She glanced at that thumb out of the corner of her eye and wondered if the rumors were true, the size of a man’s thumb was an indicator of the size of… She mentally shook her head, trying to clear her thoughts. She didn’t need to be going down that path.

R.J.’s hand was lying on his leg, very close to her thigh.

* * * *

Excerpt R-Rated

Lena led the way into her home and waved her arm to indicate they could sit on the couch. “Let me get a bag and I’ll grab some things,” she said, walking into the room and heading for the back corner. Soon they heard things rustling and she was back within a very few minutes. “That will do for a few days. I just need to set up the plants. They all have self-watering pots so they will be okay for a few days. I have just a few more things to do. Do you want something to drink while you wait, should we take something out to Thurston?” Lena asked as she continued gathering things. Thurston had decided to stay with the car. He had taken one look around and pulled a gun out of the glove compartment and laid it on the seat beside him. This seemed to strike R.J. and Hal as funny and they both teased the man as they helped her out of the car. All Thurston said was, “Just in case, sir,” then picked up his newspaper and started reading.

“Thurston will be fine, honey, and so will we, you just do what you need to so we can get to dinner,” Hal told her, grabbing her e-reader off the table and turning it on.

Lena was intent on doing what she needed and didn’t notice that Hal and R.J. were looking at her e-reader until she went to look for it to pack it. “Where’s my…” she started to ask halfway to herself when she noticed the men had their heads together and were looking at something. She walked around the couch to see what they were looking at. Her eyes got wide when she saw them with her e-reader. She immediately went into a panic. She had all her erotic romances on there. She didn’t need them seeing that. How long had they been looking at it? They really didn’t need to know her reading habits. Trying to be casual, she walked over to them and said, “Hey, I’m ready. I just need to find my…oh, there it is. My e-reader, I need to pack that.” She reached for it.

“Not so fast, I’m reading something.” R.J. said as he started reading out loud, “Then he pulled Samantha face down over his lap, adjusting her so that her bare pussy—”

Lena grabbed for the e-reader. “Give me that…I…I. Please don’t read any more out loud,” she pleaded when Hal captured her hand with his and pulled her down to sit on his lap. Lena tried to hide her face when R.J. moved the e-reader to his other side and continued reading. “Her bare pussy was wet and ready, waiting for him and his brothers.”

“Oh, please, please stop reading,” Lena pleaded. If she could disappear, she would. She was more likely to die of embarrassment before that happened, though.

“Hold on, this is the good part,” R.J. said as he once again continued the story. “Stop interrupting. Okay, remember Samantha is face down over Jared’s lap and her pussy is bare.”

“Yeah, we got that part. Go on,” Hal told him impatiently.

Lena turned her face into Hal’s shoulder. How much more embarrassed could she get?

“Before they could have their fun, Jared, Jake and Jordan had a punishment to administer. Samantha had earned a spanking with her rude behavior and that was something they would not tolerate. Jared rubbed his hand over Samantha’s bare ass cheeks, rubbing soothing circles over her lush bottom. It was pert and round, nicely cushioned just like he and his brothers liked. He couldn’t wait for them all to take her. He would take that virgin pussy while his brother Jake took her little round hole. They would have to be careful and prepare her. Samantha hadn’t had many experiences with men and never with men like the three of them.”

R.J. stopped reading and laid the device down. “Nice choice of reading material, darling.”

“If you’re done, can you go now?” Lena asked. She just wanted them gone, at this point, she didn’t care if she ever saw them again.

Hal cupped her face with both of his hands. “Don’t be embarrassed about your choice of reading material, it says a lot about you and the kind of woman you are,” he said, smiling.

Yeah, it shows what kind of pervert I am, she thought.

As if he could read her thoughts, R.J. said, “Don’t be ashamed of your feelings or of who you are. Everyone has their own kink, and there are more poly couples than you think.”

“There are, so this kind of thing isn’t weird or something the author made up just to sell books?” she asked, relaxing a little. When she read her books, they took her to another world where she could be a woman loved by one or more men and not shamed for her desires. “Is the spanking part real too?” She was a little embarrassed asking the question but really wanted to know. When she had asked Simon or Frankie to spank her, they had looked at her like she was crazy and she was so ashamed she never would talk to them about it again.

“Yes, darling, if you were ours you would be spanked and probably often,” R.J. answered.

Saving Lena – Ashcroft Security 1


Let’s Reverse the Scene with His Mistress

I had written a scene and posted it before where a Dom went after a submissive. I want to be fair so I wrote another for the Mistresses out there and there lovelies.

His Mistress
By Damian Bloodstone (damianbloodstone@gmail.com)
Copyright © 11/8/2014 All Right Reserved. This cannot be copied in whole or in part without the author’s sole express permission.
Gema watched him glance toward her again, watching her as he ate. She returned the glance as she talked business. He intrigued her. This made her smile.
Coming to a high-class restaurant in his low class clothes, it screamed pauper. Even the service he received, only the least, made him out of place. He placed no demands as anyone of higher status might. His single bowl of soup and rice chips for lunch probably cost his week’s pay.
She barely heard the man before her and blushed as she laughed when the doors to the kitchen blew off the napkin from the poor man’s table.
“I’m sorry—Philip,” she said forgetting his name. He turned to look in the direction she had been staring.
“He shouldn’t even be here,” Philip said. “Look at him. He’s that guy from the mail room. I should get him fired somehow.”
“You’ll do no such thing,” Gema said. “He delivers my mail at times.”
“Then you like the mail boy,” Philip said throwing his napkin in his empty plate. “I thought we having lunch but it turns out you had other plans.”
“I just can’t understand why he’s even here.” Gema placed her hand on Philip’s and watched him calm. She glanced over again and watched the young man fumble with the rice chips as they shattered in his grasp. Philip pulled his hand away. “Go or stay, decide,” she said.
“So that’s it.” Philip stood and put on his overcoat.
“What’s his name?” Gema asked. She watched Philip turn to leave. “Stop.”
“I don’t know,” Philip replied. “I don’t care either.” He clopped away from the table as if a shunned brat.
Gema removed her phone and quickly deleted Philip from the list of clients. She didn’t need Philip’s drama. Her own playtime was more important. Besides, this younger man looked special. Taking the bill, she rose, walked over to the young man’s table. The young man had nearly finished his meager meal of egg drop soup and rice chips. The logo of the company showed he worked at the same place but no nametag, it disappointed her.
She stood at the table. The servers didn’t dare to do the things they had done before passing it. She stared down at him until he set down the spoon and looked up.
“Yes, Ma’am?”
“One of the mail boys, aren’t you?” She picked the last rice chip from the bowl and popped it in her mouth. He retracted his hands from the table and glance at his at the now empty bowl.
“Yes, Ma’am.”
“Stand,” Gema said. She smiled as he rose without question. He was a little shorter than her height. She adored this. Staring into his eyes, she didn’t see the normal side of most males she approached like this. Instead, she noticed actual fear. Had he recognized her? No, he couldn’t have.
He backed up a step, never glancing at her face.
“Look at me.” Gema watched him struggle to make eye contact. She smiled.
“What do want?”
“Kiss me.” Gema noticed his eyes go wide before he turned his head away. “Ahh, ahh.” She gently turned his face back to hers. “Kiss me.”
He looked at the people in the restaurant and then at her. He gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. When he began to turn away, her hand grabbed his wrist. He stopped.
“I said kiss me, not peck me like a mother or some friend.” Gema then realized that the fear wasn’t of her position but of her. “Do I—frighten you?”
She detected the tremble in his voice. “Kiss me then.” His lips touched hers and then pulled away as if they hurt to touch her.
“There,” he said. “Let me go now.”
“I ordered you to kiss me.” She glanced at the couple in at the next table as they stared. She smiled at them as they turned back to eating. She turned his face back to her. His tears startled her.
“I don’t…”
Gema placed her finger over his soft warm lips. “Be still.” She moved her finger tracing his lips to his jawline. Running it back, she watched his eyes lock with hers in fear. She kissed the tears away on his cheeks as she grabbed his nape. He exhaled in a shudder as she hovered over his lips, grazing them until hers tingled. His eyes closed. She moved, lips touched and opened slightly as she nibbled his. She ran her hand down his shirt sensing the softer chest of less muscle than most. The fabric of the soft work shirt showed he enjoyed delicate things. She slipped her hand inside between the buttons feeling bare skin. Fingers touched softly to his chest finding unerect nipples. She circled one as she kissed. The heat in him began as it hardened under her touch. Moving her hand down, she turned it as she caressed below his navel, slipped in his pants and felt the prize she sought. Soft, warm, firm and average, he came to full attention with her touch. She moved her hand on him, slowly and felt a little wetness. She pushed lower and cupped his sac, his nice orbs, like new toys, danced in her delicate fingers. More wetness on her wrist and inside forearm signaled his growing desires. Her tongue darted out, caressed his closed lips as she gently squeezed. His lips parted and her tongue slipped in to touch the tip of his before she pulled away both hand and lips. She denied him any more. A button popped off his shirt in her hasty retreat. She stared into his eyes studying his reaction. Releasing his wrist, he stood there as if awaiting her next command. She smiled and giggled at his innocence.
“You’ll do with training.” Gema observed his feet shuffle and his body tense at the words.
“Come, and get my coat,” she said. “I’m taking the afternoon off and you’re calling in sick.”
“I’ll get fired.” He followed her toward the coat check desk.
“Only on my command,” Gema said.

Boredom Leads to Creativity – Master Found

I got bored last night editing while sick. My mind wandered with the music I was listening to and my fingers opened a new doc and began typing. Hope you enjoy it. It’s only a small piece, just an opening scene actually for something that will become bigger later.

Master Found
By Damian Bloodstone (damianbloodstone@gmail.com)
Copyright © 11/7/2014 All Right Reserved. This cannot be copied in whole or in part without the author’s sole express permission.
“You’ve stared at me most of the night.” She stood with her hands on the table. Her low cut blue dress revealing and tight as a second skin. The subtle scent of wild flowers drifted out like fingers tempting those around her. Her long dark auburn hair shined in the candlelight. The faint flicker of her eyes betrayed her soul’s sadness. “You ran off my date with just that look you gave him. You owe me my night’s worth and the check. So what do you want?”
“A kiss,” he said.
“Hell, I’d given you that just to stop your stare two hours ago.” She leaned forward and kissed him quickly on the lips. She turned away.
“Not like that.” He grabbed her wrist.
She stared into his eyes, mirrors of her own. His tailored business suit shouted money. His eyes didn’t wander her body as most might have but stared into hers. Held in place, she knew better than to struggle or make a scene. He stood. His eyes level with hers, she sensed more about this one than any ever before. Starting to move back, he pushed her arm behind her, bent it upward behind her until she gasped.
“I want a kiss.” He gazed into her eyes, scanned her face as a few tears fell from those golden brown eyes.
His breath on her skin burned. His other hand traced the line of her hair down around behind her ear. She lowered her chin looking away. His fingers gently lifted it back so she stared again into those eyes of his. “No,” she said. Others were watching them.
“Why?” He could see her soul in those eyes. “You do this for money. Are you so ashamed to be taken as what you portray?” He inhaled her scent of fear mixed with the perfume.
“No, please.” She felt his breath hot against her cheek. His lips followed. Softly, not harshly, as she had imagined, they kissed in nibbles until reaching hers. The heat of them touching made her heart race. She closed her eyes. He wasn’t greedy as most would have been. His lips lingered, tenderly over hers, gliding and taking what he desired.
She sensed her wrist freed but dared not move. His body wasn’t pressed to hers as others would have done. His hand caressed down her back, stopping at the top of the open backed dress. Soft pressure urged her forward until their bodies touched. His lips moved back along her jawline until reaching her earlobe. She took a breath as his teeth grabbed it in a nip. Moving to just under and behind her ear, his tongue flicked and licked with more pressure. Thinking became impossible. His scent filled her with each inhalation. The crispness of the jacket’s fabric, rough against her breast made her nipples spring to alertness.
His hand drifted lower. The lightest of touches to her exposed cleavage caused a shiver down her. Her legs betrayed her as she shifted her weight to her mounting excitement. When his lips left her, she stared into his eyes again as he hands left her. She wobbled as she stood before grabbing onto him for support. Slowly her legs gave way. Half sliding down him, she went to her knees and cried with her head against his legs.
“That’s a good girl now,” he whispered as he lifted her chin to stare at that lovely face once more.