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Things are going…

I haven’t updated in a while due to computer problems (blown motherboard and CPU), real-life work, and writing time. Hopefully, that will all change now, except for the real-life work. I do enjoy eating and having a roof over my head.

Trials of Nikolai is still with beta readers. Maybe it’s a good thing since they are taking their time. I only hope they like the story. I may rewrite some of the love scenes. They seem rushed and not up to my standard of quality I want.

Am I Real is in the rewrite phase. Now over 80,000 words and growing, the book will tell you more backstory of the events Horus and Faith went through to be together. The new ending will show you their fate on the world of Erde.

Now an excerpt from the new version of Am I Real:


The Templar switched off her comms and drew her sonic sword. “I’ll get a commendation for ending you,” she said.

Horus looked at his empty pistol and tossed it to the ground. Raising the sonic sword, he saw the Templar smile. “What is your name, so I can at least tell the Church who I ended this day?” Horus asked.

“I am Templar Riona of the Holy Light’s First Arm,” she said. “Who might you be so I can tell them yours?”

“Oh, I don’t plan on falling this day to you or anyone else,” Horus said as he swung the sword and heard the high pitch of the sonic blade scream.

“You will end on my blade, animal.” Riona swung, changed direction and yet felt her blade blocked. It screamed in protest as the blades met for the briefest of seconds. She swept the blade back up, felt it parried and let the momentum of the rebound carry the sword back as she angled the blade upward.

Horus parried then blocked the sword as it rose from under his. The cross guard stopped the blade’s full impact but it still cut into his armor. She was proving more skilled than he first believed. He backpedaled as he parried and blocked strike after strike. When the strength of her strikes changed, he was forced to lean into his counters. “Play fair at least. I don’t have powered armor,” Horus said.

“Neither do I,” she said. “I fight with the power of the Holy Light. Something you could know if you stand down and knew in penance.”

“I don’t kneel and never have,” Horus said blocking another of her strikes. The rebound of her blade was faster and he couldn’t parry it in time. The push of the tingling made his breath catch as the sword cut through his armored leg panels and his muscles. His armor instantly contracted around the wound area and stopped the bleeding. He fell to the ground while parrying another sweep of her blade.

“Yield and I’ll make it quick or else I’ll cut you to pieces slowly.” Riona turned as she heard running. She blocked the quick attacks by the twin sonic blades held by another female not even wearing armor. The faster movements and stronger attacks matched her own. It wasn’t until the hidden blade in her sword’s pommel came out that she was even able to draw blood. When she did, she stepped back in horror. The blood was black. It wasn’t possible. Riona heard the recall of her unit and noticed her tech had fled. She touched the button on the grip of the sword and closed her eyes as the flash happened. Opening them a second later, she sliced the torso of the blinded syne twice from shoulder to thigh but also felt her armor struck deeply as a single blade cut her through it. She dashed back as the grappler took her up and away.

Horus watched the SPU kneel and fall beside him. He remembered her from a night at the club and rescuing her from an abusive Elite. The trouble he had gotten into had made his adoptive father and mother angry for days. He looked at the unit as it stared at him.

“You will survive?” she asked.

“Yes, but you must too,” Horus said as he watched the black blood pour from her wounds. He watched as the life left her eyes slowly but saw her smile at him right before the end. Something about her eyes and the way she smiled at him troubled him even more.

Horus saw the enforcers, med techs and others coming now. The government syne troopers in heavy armor dropped from air troop transports onto the streets. One even dropped near him as the med techs came up.

The unit’s eyes haunted him that had rescued him. Her blood smelled as his did, but her emotions were fixed and programmed. As the med techs placed him in the med-drone’s patient pod, he saw Kross in the other pod. He had more tubes in him that he thought possible to be alive. Horus felt the injector hit his arm and the world slowly drift away as he closed his eyes.