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The Mistress

© Roman Milert | Dreamstime Stock Photos
© Roman Milert | Dreamstime Stock Photos

The Mistress

Look not to the engraved and other images for me. Look instead around you to everything alive, for I am there in their creation. All of creation is but thought and to thrive, you have only to help further its creation through thought and understanding of your own unique and hidden powers. – The Mistress

This is the start of the wisdom I’m going to share that has come to me when praying to the Mistress. The above came to me when I was in a dark time of my life. It fundamentally changed my thinking and how I now view things in life. It strengthened my resolve to find out more about why we had turned away and what this voice of warmth, love, and understanding could have come from.

It also strengthened my resolve to find out more about why we had turned away and what this voice of warmth, love, and understanding could have come from.  I didn’t find Her. She found me.

The Baptist Christian Private school I was going to during 6th grade had weekly church services we were forced to attend whether Baptist or not. They had a guest preacher there who did a good sermon on Christ then did a special prayer group with some of us that hadn’t yet been “saved” as he called it.  Well, I had stepped up because of his words that day. When he prayed over us trying to save our young souls, I felt only a vast emptiness and void. It was a feeling of aloneness and parting from everything so great I cried.

It was then in that emptiness that I heard no the voice the of what the preacher called Christ or God but a different voice. One of pain, sorrow, and despair, which tried to fill my heart and tear my spark from me.  It frightened me when I could finally see the darkness surrounding this preacher and knew his path was wrong.  I cried for an hour that day before creating the walls around my heart, mind, and soul that would not come down for years. I had glimpsed the darkness of a the world religions built by man and nearly lost my own soul to it that emptiness created by man, the followers of a darkness even they did not understand.

In my reading of the bible, I learned many of rules of man and Christ but something was lacking. The stories were real but the teachings altered to suit the ways of man and not those of the Creator. I search the bible for truths that might help me find what I knew had to be hidden.

I searched nightly in prayer and meditation for answers. I looked to nature and the world around me only to be more confused and distraught. I felt a presence in the creations around me I had not felt before.

I was alone, withdrawn and an adolescent. It was a time of great changes for me and the greatest one was the discovery of a voice. The voice first came in my dreams and allowed me glimpses of places I could not image. It was only when I followed this voice in life that I began to discover. The voice led me to the stories I now create. She is my Muse but not of this earthly world or bound to only one.

I could tell no one about the dreams or the voice I heard in whispers in my mind. Other already believed I was either mentally challenged or possibly suffered from some type of problems. I searched on my own for the answers.

In my research, I found the Earth Mother and many other names She has been called through countless ages. Her presence with humans goes farther back than the bible. It goes all the way back to the first peoples who were sent to this world.

The physical body is only here, the soul continues evolving through the physical forms until returning to its true home. You are not put here to have only pain, grief, and trials. Your soul is placed here to learn the wonders of experience, emotion, and love. – The Mistress

Why isn’t She in the Bible then? She was the root of most religions. She was in the bible up until the point that the religion turned monotheistic and turned to the male version made in the image of man. In order for some men to gain control over all, the three-sided version of the Goddess, God, and Spirit had to be done away with. Since men wrote the books, they wrote Her out entirely giving their male God the center seat to be worshiped. In reality, the only things this did was to enable those filled with greed, lust, and wishing power over their fellow humans, the ability to control through religion the vast amounts of humans on the planet.

Man saw creation only through destruction. It has been so since the dawn of his placement here. In his wish to control all, even nature, he began other religions to sanctify the validity of his claims to a world that was not his for the taking. Only through these partings from Her ways and paths of guidance did man come to this place where it now stands at the very edge of destruction once more.

The Mistress is not something made up for my stories or a lost pagan religion. She is the creator of all. – Damian Bloodstone

I have felt Her presence many times in my life. Even when young and I did not fully understand, I was on the path to Her enlightenment. As a child, we live in the moment. It is only through thought, exploration, and listening to the world around us that we begin to grasp the bits of wisdom She wishes for us.

We were placed here for lessons in experiences. From our falling to our rise to be with Her again, She is constantly with us, but few choose to hear her council or feel her love. She stands with us in our lightest times and cries for us during our darkest, but will do nothing unless with the wisdom of her lessons and the love from our hearts for Her. She asks not for wealth, power, or control. She seeks none of these from her servants, and prophets. What would She need with these things when all of creation spins in Her mind? Nor does She desire these things for others for those things are the foundations of darkness and the very things that made us the fallen we are.

Man turned away when he sought power, control, and wealth, creating a God that he could speak through and make the masses worship through fear, guilt, embarrassment, and sadness. Their churches gather riches while preaching the half-truths of Her wisdom to masses seeking only what they know in their souls they lost so long ago. Man creates through destruction without a thought of the things he does to the chains of life around him. Man lives for the moment. The Mistress guides us to live for our lives.

We teach many things to our children in their structured schools of man but fail to teach them the morality of nature, life, and this world we once called Erde long ago.

This is the start of the Wisdoms of the Mistress.

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Spotlight – Saving Lena by Rose Nickol

Saving Lena - Ashcroft Security 1

Saving Lena
Ashcroft Security 1

This book is an unusual menage. The characters are vivid and hold your attention. The scenes she writes make their story come to life.

If you haven’t read any of Rose Nickol’s other books, this newest series is a good starting point. Her story is clever and not as methodical as most romance authors. I enjoyed it. I don’t usually like menage books but this one I liked because of the way the characters were done.

The Ashcroft characters are unique in the fact that they are former military who formed a lasting bond of a unique friendship on and off the battlefield that extended to even their choice of a woman.

* * * *

Three men bound by honor, one woman trying to survive in a world she never knew existed, and a world of bad men out to get her.

Melvin Ashcroft, R.J. Blackmore, and Harold Klien are the owners of Ashcroft Security. Lena Scott is unemployed, desperate for a job, and frantically trying to prove herself innocent of crimes she didn’t commit. Is it fate that brought the four of them together?

Lena didn’t know how much trouble she was in or how badly she needed help but falling in love was never part of the plan. When all evidence points to her guilt will the men believe the proof in black and white, or will they trust their hearts? Can evidence even be found to dispute the case against her?

Saving Lena, the first story in the Ashcroft Security series by Rose Nickol.

A Siren Erotic Romance

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* * * *

Excerpt PG Rated

With eye candy like that in the office it couldn’t be too bad of a place to work, Lena thought. She just might like this. Hal was handsome in a rugged way, and R.J., wow. He was just wow. Blond hair just brushing the top of his collar, ice blue eyes. Handsome didn’t describe him. He was what she pictured a Norse god might have looked like. She could picture women falling to their knees and worshiping at his feet. Yes, she was at the head of that line. She could think of at least one other thing she would do while on her knees in front of him. She’d slowly release his zipper. His cock would be so hard she would have to go slowly to keep from hurting him. Once she had him freed from the confines of his pants, she would try to wrap her hand around him, but he would be too large for her fingers to touch. Taking that beast into her mouth would take would but she could do it.

She let her mind continue to drift while she waited. What would it be like to have the attention of those men? In the few minutes, she had been with them, she had felt her body flush with heat, and parts she didn’t know she possessed had been starting to wake up. She let herself imagine what they would be like in bed. Her mind was still wandering and when she heard the door open again, she felt herself flush. Stop it, she told herself, they can’t read your mind and have no idea what you were thinking. Smile, be professional, you need this job, don’t screw it up. Mental talk completed, Lena stood awkwardly in front of the couch, not comfortable sitting down.

“It was good seeing you again, R.J., call me soon and I’ll bring you the numbers on that deal, but I think I can get my guys to go for it.” The man Lena had been talking to, Hal, slapped Mr. Blackmore on the back and let himself out the door. Just before he stepped out the door, he turned to Lena and winked.

Mr. Blackmore then turned to Lena. “Ms. Scott, follow me.”

Lena glanced once more toward the door Hal had just walked out and followed R.J. into the office. She felt a little like Alcee sliding down the rabbit hole, but she wasn’t sure why.

“Have a seat, Ms. Scott.” He indicated a leather chair placed in front of the massive desk, and Lena perched on the edge.

He started to ask the standard interview questions and Lena relaxed. At the end of the interview, he offered Lena the job.

She gladly accepted and stood to shake his hand and leave.

“Ms. Scott…” he started.

“I think since we’re going to be working together you can call me Lena, Mr. Blackmore,” she stopped him with a smile.

“Lena, call me R.J. I was wondering if you would be willing to join Hal and me for a drink, to celebrate, and I can fill you in more on what we’ll expect from you around here. I’d like to tell you more about the business. What do you say?” he asked, a boyish grin on his face.

Oh, this is so not a good idea, Lena thought, as she nodded her head. What could one drink with two gorgeous hunks hurt?

R.J. led Lena to a waiting car. Hal was already in the back seat. This shocked Lena a little. Had they planned this? She was beginning to doubt her decision. She slid in the middle of the seat, and R.J. slid in beside her. She felt a little trapped, squished between the two large men.

“I see you talked her into it,” Hal said as she slid in.

“Yep, but I promised to talk business, so behave,” R.J. answered with a chuckle. “Lena, Hal, Mel, and I were in the Navy together, we were all Navy SEALs and Hal was my dive partner. We’ve known each other for a long time. My meeting with Hal today was too firm up some business dealings. He’s buying into the firm and you’ll be working with him as much as you will be with me. You still need to meet with Melvin Ashcroft, the owner, who is out of state right now checking into some contracts. He’ll be back sometime tomorrow. Don’t worry, I have the authority to hire you, the job is yours. Mel respects my decision.”

R.J. and Hal proceeded to tell her about the business and give her a hint of what her duties might be. Hal’s arm rested along the back of the seat and his hand drifted down to cup her shoulder. Lena felt a shiver run through her body as Hal started casually rubbing his thumb back and forth over her collar bone. She glanced at that thumb out of the corner of her eye and wondered if the rumors were true, the size of a man’s thumb was an indicator of the size of… She mentally shook her head, trying to clear her thoughts. She didn’t need to be going down that path.

R.J.’s hand was lying on his leg, very close to her thigh.

* * * *

Excerpt R-Rated

Lena led the way into her home and waved her arm to indicate they could sit on the couch. “Let me get a bag and I’ll grab some things,” she said, walking into the room and heading for the back corner. Soon they heard things rustling and she was back within a very few minutes. “That will do for a few days. I just need to set up the plants. They all have self-watering pots so they will be okay for a few days. I have just a few more things to do. Do you want something to drink while you wait, should we take something out to Thurston?” Lena asked as she continued gathering things. Thurston had decided to stay with the car. He had taken one look around and pulled a gun out of the glove compartment and laid it on the seat beside him. This seemed to strike R.J. and Hal as funny and they both teased the man as they helped her out of the car. All Thurston said was, “Just in case, sir,” then picked up his newspaper and started reading.

“Thurston will be fine, honey, and so will we, you just do what you need to so we can get to dinner,” Hal told her, grabbing her e-reader off the table and turning it on.

Lena was intent on doing what she needed and didn’t notice that Hal and R.J. were looking at her e-reader until she went to look for it to pack it. “Where’s my…” she started to ask halfway to herself when she noticed the men had their heads together and were looking at something. She walked around the couch to see what they were looking at. Her eyes got wide when she saw them with her e-reader. She immediately went into a panic. She had all her erotic romances on there. She didn’t need them seeing that. How long had they been looking at it? They really didn’t need to know her reading habits. Trying to be casual, she walked over to them and said, “Hey, I’m ready. I just need to find my…oh, there it is. My e-reader, I need to pack that.” She reached for it.

“Not so fast, I’m reading something.” R.J. said as he started reading out loud, “Then he pulled Samantha face down over his lap, adjusting her so that her bare pussy—”

Lena grabbed for the e-reader. “Give me that…I…I. Please don’t read any more out loud,” she pleaded when Hal captured her hand with his and pulled her down to sit on his lap. Lena tried to hide her face when R.J. moved the e-reader to his other side and continued reading. “Her bare pussy was wet and ready, waiting for him and his brothers.”

“Oh, please, please stop reading,” Lena pleaded. If she could disappear, she would. She was more likely to die of embarrassment before that happened, though.

“Hold on, this is the good part,” R.J. said as he once again continued the story. “Stop interrupting. Okay, remember Samantha is face down over Jared’s lap and her pussy is bare.”

“Yeah, we got that part. Go on,” Hal told him impatiently.

Lena turned her face into Hal’s shoulder. How much more embarrassed could she get?

“Before they could have their fun, Jared, Jake and Jordan had a punishment to administer. Samantha had earned a spanking with her rude behavior and that was something they would not tolerate. Jared rubbed his hand over Samantha’s bare ass cheeks, rubbing soothing circles over her lush bottom. It was pert and round, nicely cushioned just like he and his brothers liked. He couldn’t wait for them all to take her. He would take that virgin pussy while his brother Jake took her little round hole. They would have to be careful and prepare her. Samantha hadn’t had many experiences with men and never with men like the three of them.”

R.J. stopped reading and laid the device down. “Nice choice of reading material, darling.”

“If you’re done, can you go now?” Lena asked. She just wanted them gone, at this point, she didn’t care if she ever saw them again.

Hal cupped her face with both of his hands. “Don’t be embarrassed about your choice of reading material, it says a lot about you and the kind of woman you are,” he said, smiling.

Yeah, it shows what kind of pervert I am, she thought.

As if he could read her thoughts, R.J. said, “Don’t be ashamed of your feelings or of who you are. Everyone has their own kink, and there are more poly couples than you think.”

“There are, so this kind of thing isn’t weird or something the author made up just to sell books?” she asked, relaxing a little. When she read her books, they took her to another world where she could be a woman loved by one or more men and not shamed for her desires. “Is the spanking part real too?” She was a little embarrassed asking the question but really wanted to know. When she had asked Simon or Frankie to spank her, they had looked at her like she was crazy and she was so ashamed she never would talk to them about it again.

“Yes, darling, if you were ours you would be spanked and probably often,” R.J. answered.

Saving Lena – Ashcroft Security 1


The Holiday Season and Personal Protection

Please take heed this holiday season.  Be aware, know where your kids are and what you might have to do to be willing to protect those you love.  One ounce of awareness can save you from a lifetime of regret.

Never let your kids from your sight.  Always know who is close around you and if they are wearing bigger than normal coats.  It is the people that will not normally approach children that sometimes take them.  A small child can vanish from a shopping cart in less than five seconds, even faster if separated from a parent.  If you child gets lost, notify store or others immediately for a lock down.  Don’t look for them yourself, time is critical.  This goes for any young person lost or vanishing from you whether female or male.  Better to explain for an hour than regret for a lifetime.

Beware of highly packed crowds or people getting into your personal space.  This is pickpocket season.  A blade can cut a handbag strap in a second.  Hold onto your bag strap.  Better yet, place your hand in your bag when going out to a vehicle.  Men, carry your wallets in your front hip pocket.  Chains on wallets really do nothing but add to the attraction.

Beware of papers on your rear glass, carjacker love this trick for getting you out of the car once inside.  Look in you car before entering it even if you have an alarm.  Don’t disarm your car alarm before reaching your car, it shows others where you are going giving them the edge.  Never leave your keys in your car.  Never get out or stop once traveling if hit or bumped until in a well lit area and police have arrived.

Even at 25 feet, an average person can strike with a knife or blunt weapon faster than you can imagine.  Blades and blunt weapons are silent and more deadly than bullets in most cases.  A one inch blade can bleed you out in three minutes even with first aid and pressure.  A good hit from a simple broom handle can break an arm or a head.

Be aware of loud noises and their direction.  If the crowd starts stampeding find hard cover or run with it.  Pick up small children and help  others up if they fall.  If you can’t run, find a place to hide that is good cover.

Always have a mental plan and make certain everyone knows it.  Locate fire exits in stores and routes of escape.  May sound crazy now, but fire can sweep through a big store in minutes too.

If you must use a firearm and the person is close to you, don’t hold the gun out from you.  You can be disarmed easily.  The old gunfighters had it right when close in firing, shoot from the hip aiming with your body.

Whether you use pistol or revolver, keep the barrel in front of your body a couple of inches.  High powered or short barreled weapons make a heck of a muzzle flash and can catch your clothing on fire.  On a revolver, make certain you keep clear the cylinder gap between the barrel and the chamber away from your body.  A lot of fire comes from that area.

Bullets, knives and blunt objects are not magic weapons.  They do not kill with one shot, cut or hit, generally.  Just because you are wounded don’t give up.  Your assailant won’t stop, I can assure you of this.  Sometimes just fighting back is enough.

Don’t try to be a hero unless you have nothing or possibly everything to lose and have the mentality to possibly pull that trigger, use that knife or other device.  If you haven’t been in a situation ever like this, pray you never have to be.

Take Care and Stay Safe, People


We that Carry Weapons . . .

{Please read this before posting any comments.  I will not accept rants or the notions of passiveness against violence that got so many good people kills all over the world.  I am Pro-Gun and will not change my views, so don’t even try to change them.}
I mourn for those in Aurora and other places. Restricting weapons only makes people sheep for the slaughter by those that wish to do so. Today, even the world is realizing that an armed people might be the key to fighting the stemming tide of terror.
We carry for our own safety and the safety of those around us.  We would rather not carry but some of us wish to never see some things happen again in our lifetime.  Six might one day carry us but on that day, others might know we tried, at least, to make our little part of the world safer for all.
Most weapon (firearm, edged or blunt) owners, that carry open or concealed, would rather never pull that tool at any time or place.  Many that carry do so for the reasons of protecting their families, loved ones or friends from harm.  They carry concealed for the few seconds of surprise it might give them against some aggressor.
We aren’t supermen, movie heroes or anything special.  We just refuse to be or have those hurt or killed around us.  We refuse to die without some form of chance of fighting back.  We are the common man or woman that walks in the stores, parking lots and dark streets around you, always alert and watching to protect ourselves and others from harm.
We train ourselves to use our tools as best as we can.  Most of us have no law enforcement or military training, but we have taken classes, training and other things privately so that we feel safer.  We know the responsibilities, legal ramifications and the laws about using these tools.  We do not take carrying any weapon lightly, open or concealed, as most would believe.
We do not play games, do quick draws in front of mirrors or think of ourselves as the law.  We are not the alone vigilante with a weapon or the superhero that can fend off Evil with one shot.  We do not live in an imaginary world of where gunfights happen every day or the good people always win.
We live in reality, this one, which is dangerous, painful and stressful.  We know that any moment in time might take a loved one in a car crash, illness or some odd natural happening.  We just refuse to let ourselves or our loved ones die without a chance to crime, violence or terror without a fight.
Those that carry in any form (firearms, edged or blunt weapons), legally with permits or within the laws of their states, do so that we might survive the violence around us and possibly make others safer.  We make the choice to carry and that choice is one of the heaviest things we will ever feel, mentally and physically.  We have made the mental choice to carry and to protect.  It isn’t an easy choice and many do not have the mindset to protect themselves, even if carrying a weapon.
Most of us are like the Jedi of the movies.  Calm, passive and never showing off or being aggressive to others.  We are the steady person in the crowds of emotion and fear.  We are the ones that watch after the children in the crowds and the people that have nowhere to turn.  We are the ones that have strong families, values and moral codes.  Some might see us like the alpha dogs or wolves of our pack.  Many of us think of ourselves as something else.
We think of ourselves as sheepdogs watching the herds of sheep around us, praying that God and Saint Michael will guide us if that time ever comes to protect those around us or ourselves.  We will fight with fangs and claws to protect those sheep and our loved ones, unusually, no matter what the cost.
Mentally, we are aware of our powerful tools.  As in the words of others, “With Great Power Comes an Even Greater Responsibility.”  We know this and feel it every day.  We do not brandish without cause or reason.  We do not even talk openly about our tools we carry, except to those closest to us.  Most are mentally prepared to use these weapons even if it comes with the constant nightmares, PTSD and other things that it might cause us.  We live with those faces, sights and facts from that day forward.  Some of us become sheep again.  Others become hardened sheepdogs able to withstand the evil that might confront us again.
To those that commit crimes or are simply evil at heart, they can sometimes recognize us among you.  They do not need to see our tools or fangs and claws of the sheepdog.  We walk and move different from others.  They see we are strong and alert to those weaknesses they seek, even if we limp and move slower than most due to physical disabilities.  Sometimes they see the scars in our eyes, the look of the previous fights or the determination of one not to be harmed or destroyed without a fight.  To the evil, even one sheepdog is a threat that they would rather not see.  Even the thought of a sheepdog amongst the herds will deter them.
Weapons free or prohibited areas, zones and buildings are prime hunting grounds for the Evil.  It shows them that they can steal, injure, rape, terrorize and kill without remorse, since no one will easily stop them.  The Evil don’t obey the laws, they laugh at them, knowing the sheepdogs will even be unarmed.
Yes, most that carry a weapon or tool, in my mind, are sheepdogs.  We do not always use our tools.  We use our minds first and look at the ways not to escalate the situations.  We will not see those harmed around us and will fight for our flocks, if needed.
We, that carry, know we are not always trained as well the police or other people.  We also know that surprise and that one shot or cut might make the difference.
We also know the hazards of carrying these powerful tools.  We train not to miss our targets.  We know that if someone grabs our loved one or friend, that the shot might mean either saving or taking their life.  We understand that weapons are not super weapons and sometimes fail or go through their targets.  We see and think before we fire or use them.  The people behind that target are what we are trying to protect.  We do not use our tools without thinking.
We also understand that most times, only the threat or sight of a weapon will drive away the Evil after others or us.  Most Evil will not fight if confronted by a weapon equal to their own or greater.  Only the most Evil stand and fight at that moment.  The sheepdogs know this and it is the reason why some sheep also carry weapons.
Sheepdogs have always existed in America.  We were the minutemen volunteers of the front line and in the forest that started this great nation.  We are the person that stands up against the gangs in a scared neighborhood.  We are the one that commits to our country with our lives.  We are the ones that those that might invade this nation most fears.  We are the protectors behind every blade of grass.
Next time you see or notice one of us.  Please, do not say thank you, give us praise or point us out to others.  We wish for you to be safe.  When we blend into the herds of sheep, the sheepdogs are at their best.  (If you want to show your support for us, post “Thank God for Sheepdogs,” on Facebook, a sign, a bumper sticker or something publically.  Those of us out there will see it and smile knowing someone cares.)
We might not have been able to stop the evil person in Aurora, but the theater there forbids weapons, so legally those that might have carried left them behind.  We will never know but until we make it impossible for the evil to carry where We obey the laws, shouldn’t We be allowed to have them to protect you.  (If you think being shot with body armor doesn’t hurt and won’t make you go down, think again.  It hurts like hell and leaves massive bruises.)
One question to those police and law enforcement officers out there will be this.  Would you rather face a blood bath scene, a firefight without back-up, possibly, or would you rather have the sheepdog there that might assist you, care for the wounded or insure that you might get the chance for that one trained shot?
“The Good should be allowed to have weapons, for the Evil shall always have them.  It all started with the human will, brain and a simple rock for Evil.” – My personal saying inspired from the teachings of many religions.
Please, think before shouting out to take away the very tools from us that make all of us safer.  Crime goes down as carry places go up.  If enough evil thinks that they are not safe to commit crimes, crimes will all but stop.  England and other places have banned weapons and even self-defense.  Crime has rocketed up in those places, but it has come down, nearly as fast, in America.
I thank those that took the time to read this.  These are only my personal views on the subject of carrying a weapon of any type.  I wrote this after reading something else that someone posted elsewhere.
I believe that the more people who understand what people do and why, the more they understand.  This goes for everything in life.
I live, love and have friends and people I care about.  I am trained, alert and vigilant.  I have many types of fangs and claws.  I am one of those sheepdogs somewhere among you.  (The question for Evil is this.  Am I ever without my fangs and claws?)
Take Care and Stay Safe, People.