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We that Carry Weapons . . .

{Please read this before posting any comments.  I will not accept rants or the notions of passiveness against violence that got so many good people kills all over the world.  I am Pro-Gun and will not change my views, so don’t even try to change them.}
I mourn for those in Aurora and other places. Restricting weapons only makes people sheep for the slaughter by those that wish to do so. Today, even the world is realizing that an armed people might be the key to fighting the stemming tide of terror.
We carry for our own safety and the safety of those around us.  We would rather not carry but some of us wish to never see some things happen again in our lifetime.  Six might one day carry us but on that day, others might know we tried, at least, to make our little part of the world safer for all.
Most weapon (firearm, edged or blunt) owners, that carry open or concealed, would rather never pull that tool at any time or place.  Many that carry do so for the reasons of protecting their families, loved ones or friends from harm.  They carry concealed for the few seconds of surprise it might give them against some aggressor.
We aren’t supermen, movie heroes or anything special.  We just refuse to be or have those hurt or killed around us.  We refuse to die without some form of chance of fighting back.  We are the common man or woman that walks in the stores, parking lots and dark streets around you, always alert and watching to protect ourselves and others from harm.
We train ourselves to use our tools as best as we can.  Most of us have no law enforcement or military training, but we have taken classes, training and other things privately so that we feel safer.  We know the responsibilities, legal ramifications and the laws about using these tools.  We do not take carrying any weapon lightly, open or concealed, as most would believe.
We do not play games, do quick draws in front of mirrors or think of ourselves as the law.  We are not the alone vigilante with a weapon or the superhero that can fend off Evil with one shot.  We do not live in an imaginary world of where gunfights happen every day or the good people always win.
We live in reality, this one, which is dangerous, painful and stressful.  We know that any moment in time might take a loved one in a car crash, illness or some odd natural happening.  We just refuse to let ourselves or our loved ones die without a chance to crime, violence or terror without a fight.
Those that carry in any form (firearms, edged or blunt weapons), legally with permits or within the laws of their states, do so that we might survive the violence around us and possibly make others safer.  We make the choice to carry and that choice is one of the heaviest things we will ever feel, mentally and physically.  We have made the mental choice to carry and to protect.  It isn’t an easy choice and many do not have the mindset to protect themselves, even if carrying a weapon.
Most of us are like the Jedi of the movies.  Calm, passive and never showing off or being aggressive to others.  We are the steady person in the crowds of emotion and fear.  We are the ones that watch after the children in the crowds and the people that have nowhere to turn.  We are the ones that have strong families, values and moral codes.  Some might see us like the alpha dogs or wolves of our pack.  Many of us think of ourselves as something else.
We think of ourselves as sheepdogs watching the herds of sheep around us, praying that God and Saint Michael will guide us if that time ever comes to protect those around us or ourselves.  We will fight with fangs and claws to protect those sheep and our loved ones, unusually, no matter what the cost.
Mentally, we are aware of our powerful tools.  As in the words of others, “With Great Power Comes an Even Greater Responsibility.”  We know this and feel it every day.  We do not brandish without cause or reason.  We do not even talk openly about our tools we carry, except to those closest to us.  Most are mentally prepared to use these weapons even if it comes with the constant nightmares, PTSD and other things that it might cause us.  We live with those faces, sights and facts from that day forward.  Some of us become sheep again.  Others become hardened sheepdogs able to withstand the evil that might confront us again.
To those that commit crimes or are simply evil at heart, they can sometimes recognize us among you.  They do not need to see our tools or fangs and claws of the sheepdog.  We walk and move different from others.  They see we are strong and alert to those weaknesses they seek, even if we limp and move slower than most due to physical disabilities.  Sometimes they see the scars in our eyes, the look of the previous fights or the determination of one not to be harmed or destroyed without a fight.  To the evil, even one sheepdog is a threat that they would rather not see.  Even the thought of a sheepdog amongst the herds will deter them.
Weapons free or prohibited areas, zones and buildings are prime hunting grounds for the Evil.  It shows them that they can steal, injure, rape, terrorize and kill without remorse, since no one will easily stop them.  The Evil don’t obey the laws, they laugh at them, knowing the sheepdogs will even be unarmed.
Yes, most that carry a weapon or tool, in my mind, are sheepdogs.  We do not always use our tools.  We use our minds first and look at the ways not to escalate the situations.  We will not see those harmed around us and will fight for our flocks, if needed.
We, that carry, know we are not always trained as well the police or other people.  We also know that surprise and that one shot or cut might make the difference.
We also know the hazards of carrying these powerful tools.  We train not to miss our targets.  We know that if someone grabs our loved one or friend, that the shot might mean either saving or taking their life.  We understand that weapons are not super weapons and sometimes fail or go through their targets.  We see and think before we fire or use them.  The people behind that target are what we are trying to protect.  We do not use our tools without thinking.
We also understand that most times, only the threat or sight of a weapon will drive away the Evil after others or us.  Most Evil will not fight if confronted by a weapon equal to their own or greater.  Only the most Evil stand and fight at that moment.  The sheepdogs know this and it is the reason why some sheep also carry weapons.
Sheepdogs have always existed in America.  We were the minutemen volunteers of the front line and in the forest that started this great nation.  We are the person that stands up against the gangs in a scared neighborhood.  We are the one that commits to our country with our lives.  We are the ones that those that might invade this nation most fears.  We are the protectors behind every blade of grass.
Next time you see or notice one of us.  Please, do not say thank you, give us praise or point us out to others.  We wish for you to be safe.  When we blend into the herds of sheep, the sheepdogs are at their best.  (If you want to show your support for us, post “Thank God for Sheepdogs,” on Facebook, a sign, a bumper sticker or something publically.  Those of us out there will see it and smile knowing someone cares.)
We might not have been able to stop the evil person in Aurora, but the theater there forbids weapons, so legally those that might have carried left them behind.  We will never know but until we make it impossible for the evil to carry where We obey the laws, shouldn’t We be allowed to have them to protect you.  (If you think being shot with body armor doesn’t hurt and won’t make you go down, think again.  It hurts like hell and leaves massive bruises.)
One question to those police and law enforcement officers out there will be this.  Would you rather face a blood bath scene, a firefight without back-up, possibly, or would you rather have the sheepdog there that might assist you, care for the wounded or insure that you might get the chance for that one trained shot?
“The Good should be allowed to have weapons, for the Evil shall always have them.  It all started with the human will, brain and a simple rock for Evil.” – My personal saying inspired from the teachings of many religions.
Please, think before shouting out to take away the very tools from us that make all of us safer.  Crime goes down as carry places go up.  If enough evil thinks that they are not safe to commit crimes, crimes will all but stop.  England and other places have banned weapons and even self-defense.  Crime has rocketed up in those places, but it has come down, nearly as fast, in America.
I thank those that took the time to read this.  These are only my personal views on the subject of carrying a weapon of any type.  I wrote this after reading something else that someone posted elsewhere.
I believe that the more people who understand what people do and why, the more they understand.  This goes for everything in life.
I live, love and have friends and people I care about.  I am trained, alert and vigilant.  I have many types of fangs and claws.  I am one of those sheepdogs somewhere among you.  (The question for Evil is this.  Am I ever without my fangs and claws?)
Take Care and Stay Safe, People.