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Boredom Leads to Creativity – Master Found

I got bored last night editing while sick. My mind wandered with the music I was listening to and my fingers opened a new doc and began typing. Hope you enjoy it. It’s only a small piece, just an opening scene actually for something that will become bigger later.

Master Found
By Damian Bloodstone (damianbloodstone@gmail.com)
Copyright © 11/7/2014 All Right Reserved. This cannot be copied in whole or in part without the author’s sole express permission.
“You’ve stared at me most of the night.” She stood with her hands on the table. Her low cut blue dress revealing and tight as a second skin. The subtle scent of wild flowers drifted out like fingers tempting those around her. Her long dark auburn hair shined in the candlelight. The faint flicker of her eyes betrayed her soul’s sadness. “You ran off my date with just that look you gave him. You owe me my night’s worth and the check. So what do you want?”
“A kiss,” he said.
“Hell, I’d given you that just to stop your stare two hours ago.” She leaned forward and kissed him quickly on the lips. She turned away.
“Not like that.” He grabbed her wrist.
She stared into his eyes, mirrors of her own. His tailored business suit shouted money. His eyes didn’t wander her body as most might have but stared into hers. Held in place, she knew better than to struggle or make a scene. He stood. His eyes level with hers, she sensed more about this one than any ever before. Starting to move back, he pushed her arm behind her, bent it upward behind her until she gasped.
“I want a kiss.” He gazed into her eyes, scanned her face as a few tears fell from those golden brown eyes.
His breath on her skin burned. His other hand traced the line of her hair down around behind her ear. She lowered her chin looking away. His fingers gently lifted it back so she stared again into those eyes of his. “No,” she said. Others were watching them.
“Why?” He could see her soul in those eyes. “You do this for money. Are you so ashamed to be taken as what you portray?” He inhaled her scent of fear mixed with the perfume.
“No, please.” She felt his breath hot against her cheek. His lips followed. Softly, not harshly, as she had imagined, they kissed in nibbles until reaching hers. The heat of them touching made her heart race. She closed her eyes. He wasn’t greedy as most would have been. His lips lingered, tenderly over hers, gliding and taking what he desired.
She sensed her wrist freed but dared not move. His body wasn’t pressed to hers as others would have done. His hand caressed down her back, stopping at the top of the open backed dress. Soft pressure urged her forward until their bodies touched. His lips moved back along her jawline until reaching her earlobe. She took a breath as his teeth grabbed it in a nip. Moving to just under and behind her ear, his tongue flicked and licked with more pressure. Thinking became impossible. His scent filled her with each inhalation. The crispness of the jacket’s fabric, rough against her breast made her nipples spring to alertness.
His hand drifted lower. The lightest of touches to her exposed cleavage caused a shiver down her. Her legs betrayed her as she shifted her weight to her mounting excitement. When his lips left her, she stared into his eyes again as he hands left her. She wobbled as she stood before grabbing onto him for support. Slowly her legs gave way. Half sliding down him, she went to her knees and cried with her head against his legs.
“That’s a good girl now,” he whispered as he lifted her chin to stare at that lovely face once more.