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Thoughts for Today: The Sex Industry

Did you know that both the healthcare and sex industries work together on projects? Each specialize in talent, technique and technology used by each other. Some of the most realistic artificial limbs and prosthetics are manufactured by the same talent that creates other things for the sex industry under different names.

Robotic tech is advancing not only due to the industrial and healthcare sectors but jumping by leaps in the sex industries as they put together the newest tech to achieve incredible advances for all industries. Some of the newest robotic devices are coming to the healthcare sector directly from the sex industries’ vast array of talent.

Companies are creating interactive A.I. software to create conversational androids. These are or will be able to absorb the users likes and dislikes to project a reflection of that user’s personality. Does that mean that we will soon actual have “ghost” in the shell of dolls, teddy bears and other things?

So when you think of the sex industry as something wrong and unneeded, think again. That lifelike prosthetic hand you might shake with fingers gentle closing around yours, might just be the result of talent, technique and technology developed by that specialized industry devoted to providing services that cross over to so many other industries.