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Democracy, We Should Be A Republic

People say this nation is a democracy. It is this and worse. A few people hold power over the others. They strike away the rights of the people. Our corporations and banks return to the old methods of wage slavery as was done by the very ones we rebelled against during the War for Independence.

What this nation began as was a Republic where all had rights, which could never be hindered or taken away by the Articles of the Constitution. Banks were regulated by how they treated their depositors and how they treated the people having loans. Corporations didn’t exist which made family businesses thrive and allowed for a real free market economy.

The words in the Pledge of Allegiance are there for a purpose to make us remember we are a Republic and not a democracy of hierarchies where others rule over us. We do not pledge to a president, congress or senate. {“I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”} We pledge to our fellow citizens to support each other not to support a government or ideals of a ruler. This is the very reason the first Ten Amendments are crucial to the country’s survival. They were meant for all people no matter the race, creed or background. All of the rest were added to simply gain control or profit from the people.


James Franco’s Interview

I love this interview of James Franco. It is so straightforward, but I think he is being human and himself.

Straight James Franco Talks to Gay James Franco

 Society put labels on men without warrant for acting with emotion, love, sensitivity and caring toward other men. Society places men in a bracket with some label if they admired or desire things of beauty or luxury or things a woman might. The media shows this to be true by how they use labels and then the masses follow suit.

Why does society do this? To make us conform to a set standard that someone conceived long ago, as what it is to be a man. A standard of psychological ideals making men into less human to be more easily controlled through a structure of rigid thinking. It turned men into people afraid to show emotions, afraid to show affection, and afraid to think for themselves not only about sexuality but also what makes us human.

I, for one, believe it is time we threw these conceptions out and all just acted human.

Tax Breaks for the Rich? The Money Cliff!

  • I wrote this as a response to someone on Facebook.  It was about the debate of the tax break question for the rich.
    People seem to never learn. It isn’t the money that is important in this world. It is the people. Money is a tool to make us dependent upon one another. If money had no value, many would curl up and die. People have value.
    Only through the help of the millionaires of this country can we turn this country around. Give them the stupid tax breaks but for helping the country instead of keeping it invested. I know it sounds odd for me especially to say this, but we need to give tax breaks to all classes. We need free education through college, free all inclusive health care and yes, even free food, housing and things for those that cannot afford it.
    We cannot build this country back without investing into it through education, the creation of small businesses and the growth of higher wages for the current wage slaves. The economy just doesn’t work if the lower classes cannot afford to spend. We need to stop thinking of money as a solution to everything. It is the main problem. Paper has little value. People have true value in their creativity, logic and talents. Use these with education and build a greater America for all generations to come.
    Adding on now:
    The current taxes that the US government takes in are used mainly to support other interests in this country.  We cannot allow the rich to be taxed to see their dollars flow out of this country when we need them the most.  With higher taxes, the rich will leave this country and then all will suffer.  We simply cannot afford this.
    Instead, we must give them tax breaks but for investing in the country.  We must have them give near zero interest loans to start up small businesses that can compete with the major ones, see them invest in free education for all and even fund free energy research (whether some like this idea or not).  In the future, the only way for even the rich to prosper will be through the development of the lower classes out of the wage slaves that they have become.  If you have only a country of wage slaves and poor, no one will be able to purchase the products to continue even the growth of the rich classes.
    Only through the abolishment of all money-based social standards in all countries of the world.  We, as a race of people, should be above this.  We know the horrors of the great depressions, collapse of entire countries due to this simple greed over number or items of some placed value.  We only repeat history again and again through our neglect of the simple principle that money or currency is not what is important.  It is the welfare of each and every person on this planet.
    Even the earliest hunter/gather humans understood these principles and yet we have strayed so far from them.  Every person in the tribe or group had to work together to survive.  It wasn’t things given for things received, it was given freely to survive as the group.  One person could change the entire life of the group through their logic, skills, talents and creativity.  This is what made us survive in the earliest days of man and what made us great.  We are slowly or have lost this totally.
    In the end, money is only a piece of paper, electronic number or scrap of metal used for dragging all of us down.  We are dependent upon others for this and yet if allowed to freely use our talents, creativity and logic, wouldn’t most of us still be doing the same jobs, activities and hobbies?
    As Humans, we strive to use our given talents and creativity to make things better not just for ourselves but for all around us.  We are social beings, even blogs and the internet confirms this.  All we need to do is let this social attitude to spread from the faceless internet to the real world.  Each of us can make a difference in someone’s life.  Why not try to do that today.
    Remember every act of help or kindness gets something in return, even if it is only the smile of that one person.