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Happy Easter/Day of Morning

© Roman Milert | Dreamstime Stock Photos
© Roman Milert | Dreamstime Stock Photos

Happy Easter, my friends.

Yes, I do believe there was Jesus Christ person, but I have a different opinion on the story from my religion. Everything the person did was real, but it was only a person blessed with divine gifts from the highest power in an attempt to bring us back to Her.

I see the Bible as a book of stories written by those wishing for the control of the people. Because of the nature of the stories mostly placing males at the forefront, I see them skewed by the political and social views of others. Evidence may prove the events happened from these stories. Nothing truly shows us an honest picture of the events of the past. Archaeology can only determine events happened then read what was set down by those in power. Everything else is only a theory.

The Mistress has shown me the path and the failures of those not listening to her ways of communication, love, tolerance, understanding, and compassion. Worshiped since time began, She was cast aside through the destruction of Her stories by patriarchal societies bent on the control of all people for the reverse of the ideals and codes She gave to us all. Even today they try to rid the world of Her symbols, the life-giving trees. The Mistress is the root of all religion and creator of all things. So many have retold the stories to suit their goals that many have forgotten Her and Her ways. (This is not a Wicca, New Age or Pagan religion. It is the ancient one we all have in our hearts from the first spark to the time we are judged.)

So, on these days of worshiping what man created, I worship Her and give thanks for my blessings and things I have received from Her.Blessed be the Mistress and those who hear Her calling to return to Her in these coming days.

Why do I call it the Day of Morning?

Morning comes from the sadness of what we leave behind with the passing of the night and sleep. It also shows and gives us the ability to start new and fresh, to look at the world through Her teachings. It was during this time that Her blessed person left us because of the greed, hatred, and lust for power of humankind who did not follow Her Ways.

Blessed be the Mistress and those who hear Her calling to return to Her in these coming days.